Why You Need A Church Website

Posted by James Thiessen on Mar 2, 2016 8:00:00 AM

It used to be that the first impression people would get from a church would be when they walked through the front doors. Somebody with a big smile and a name badge would excitedly want to look newcomers in the eye, shake their hand, and in a very sincere voice say “good morning’. While that still is the case sometimes, it is becoming more common that your church website is the place where people get their first impression of your church. Web design has a huge impact on what people think of your church. If your website is old and outdated, that will be the first impression people get about your church from your website. It’s time for churches to get serious about creating a great website with a great user experience.


Here are 5 reasons why you need a Church website:

Attract New Visitors

When somebody is looking for churches in their area, the first place they will go is Google. As I mentioned, the first impression most people get will be from your website. This is your chance to tell people what you are all about. Your website design and church branding will play a big role in how people will perceive you too. If someone goes to your website and sees that is outdated, or even worse they can’t find information about your church, they probably won’t have much desire to visit on Sunday. With a new church website, you are able to reach more people and give them the information they need to come visit.

Share content

Have you ever had a Sunday that became a crucial moment in your churches vision and realized that not everybody was there. A church website is a great place where you can share your vision, sermons, classes, or any other information about your church. You can keep people in the loop about everything that is happening and has happened. Keeping everybody in the congregation focused on the same goals and vision is crucial to create a strong church community.

Communicate your vision

Church-Website.jpgChurches spend a lot of time finding ways to communicate their vision and inspire the congregation to get involved. A website is a great tool to do that. Many churches use their website as a platform to talk about their vision, core values, and different ministries that are at the church. Your church website can be a reference point for people to see what your vision is and what you are about.

People don’t take the bulletin home

You can give your bulletin a beautiful design and give it a fancy name but the reality is that most people do not bring the bulletin home with them. Your bulletin holds all that information about how to get involved, who to call for certain classes, and what to bring to the next potluck. Without a website, this information won’t make it home with people. A website can make all of the information found in a bulletin, easy to find online at all times.

It will make life easier

A church website can increase your efficiency when it comes to admin tasks. A website will have the abiltiy to set up online giving to make tithing easier, you can use it to have people sign up for classes or lifegroups and much more. With good web design you can make certain tasks that used to take hours, take minutes. You may even get more people interacting with you.

Final Thoughts

Church websites are no longer just a way for churches to look hip and cool, they are a necessity. The first place people go to find more information about your church will be online, and you want to be able to tell them about your church and vision. A well designed mobile responsive website will attract new visitors while also engaging your current community. If you are on the fence about getting a website for your church, the time is now to make the leap and do it.


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Written by James Thiessen

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