How To Find The Right Partner For Your Non-Profit Organization

Posted by James Thiessen on May 27, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Find-The-Right-Partner-Non-Profit.jpegThere are many people who have amazing dreams, visions, and ideas for non-profit organizations that will make a difference in this world. But not everybody can do it alone. Finding the right people to partner with can increase the impact you have. Successful partnerships built on a shared vision are what allow these ideas to take shape, attract volunteers and make an impact.

Before focusing on how to raise money, you need to know how to find the right partner for your non-profit organization. Just simply finding somebody who sounds like they care about the same issues as you, doesn’t constitute a good partnership. The people that you choose to partner with will make a big impact on the success of your non-profit organization.

Here Are 5 Tips To Find The Right Partner For Your Non-Profit Organization:


Find somebody with complementary talents

It is extremely beneficial to find somebody who has a skill set that will add value and experience that you don’t have. In Michael Gerber’s book “The E-Myth”, he explains 3 main roles that every business and organization must have: the creative, The administrator, the craftsman. A successful partnership will encompass two or more of these skill sets. For a non-profit, having people with complimentary skill sets helps you build a well-rounded team where each person can contribute with something unique. 


Share the same vision

Having a shared vision, and similar goals is essential to creating any long term success for a non-profit organization. It happens far too often that partnerships are formed with each individual having their own goals and vision. If each partner is in it for different reason and their own vision then ultimately, over time, neither vision will be accomplished. While each person may enter into a partnership with different underlying motives, it is important to establish the reasons, goals and vision for the partnership and non-profit that is being formed. When each person contributes to the shared vision it will define the purpose of the organization, and create common a vision that everybody can gather around.


Find-The-Right-Partner.jpegWork with someone before forming a partnership

Working on a project with someone is helpful in determining whether a partnership will work. Working together allows you to discover if you work well as a team with someone and if you have similar or conflicting values. It also gives you insight on the level of communication you can expect and the ability to see firsthand how your skills will complement each other. Jumping into a partnership with someone you have never worked with before can be a big risk leaving each person uncertain if they can trust the other. 


Write down your partnership agreement

Although it may seem frivolous at the beginning of a partnership, you should always write down the partnership agreement. Lots of people jump straight into creating things like a non-profit website before they even establish the basics. The agreement should include everything from vision, roles, goals, delegated tasks, and overall the expectations of each person. Doing this will help bring clarity to each person about what part they play in the non-profit organization. Defining expectations at the beginning will provide each person with a framework of what they contribute to the overall shared vision.


Learn How To Deal With Conflict

If you think that you will never have any conflicts, then you are in for a wakeup call. There will be times of conflict, and the way in which it is handled can produce great success or failure for the entire organization. Successful partnerships are ones that have healthy communication and can handle conflict. When you have a conflict, it is actually an opportunity to build trust. Uncertainty and the inability to handle conflict is one of the biggest partnership killers and ultimately will slow down any momentum that a non-profit organization has.


Final Thoughts

Finding the right people to partner with can increase the success rate of your non-profit organization. You will have a broader skillset to work with and the support you need to take risks. And most importantly you won’t be in it by yourself.

Once you have set up a partnership with somebody who shares your same vision and goals for your non-profit, the next step will be to inspire people with your vision. The fastest and most dynamic way to do this is through a great website designed by a professional web design company. A good non-profit website will establish you and your partners vision and increase your ability and reach to get more people on board with you.


Once you have found the right partner and created a shared vision, the next step is to share it on a non-profit website. Download this Free eBook to learn the things that every website needs to include!


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