4 Tips On Raising Money For Your Non-profit Organization

Posted by James Thiessen on May 6, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Almost everybody has been at an event where its entertaining and fun until someone walks out on stage and spends 20 minutes asking for your money. You know the feeling. It goes from having fun to wanting to leave in seconds. While this isn't always the case, non-profit organizations need to learn how to as for donations without sounding like they are begging. Which can be a difficult thing to do because if you own a non-profit, you know that your ability to make an impact in the world is defendant upon getting people to donate. Non-profit organizations need to invest in marketing and make sure you have everything you need on your website. find creative ways to raise money for their cause.


Here are 4 tips on raising money for your non-profit organization:

Invest In Marketing

This can be a controversial topic as supporters often don't like to hear that only 70-75% of their donation is going straight to the cause. However, it is imperative that non-profits invest in marketing. Marketing is how you will get you message out, reach more people, and raise more money than you ever could without it. Charity water has found a innovative solution for this issue. They promise that 100% of public donations go straight to their projects. The have private donation from key investors to specifically cover overhead and marketing costs. This is a great model for non-profits to follow.

Focus On Inspiring People With Your Vision

It's hard not to focus on donations when money is your greatest need. But, spending your focusing on inspiring people with your vision and connecting with them in an emotional level will give you far better results. People will give to causes that they feel connected to, and that move them. The better you get at connecting and inspiring people, the less you will have to beg for money.

Make Donating Easy

If making a donation isn’t easy to do, it can become one of the biggest hindrances for getting donations. The process needs to be east and smooth with no roadblocks. If you have inspired people with your vision enough than this won’t be a problem. Make giving money easy and painless for people so that it is a positive experience for them. Sometimes non-profit organizations can sound like they are begging because they have to explain the donation process over an over because it is confusing. The more straightforward it is the more you can spend your time talking about the cause.

Utilize Your Website

A non-profit organization's website is the most important marketing tool that it has. It is the main place where people will learn about your organization and what you do. It is a good idea to always include a donate page as one of your calls-to-action on your website. A good web design company can show you some great 3rd party software programs that make it online donations a really smooth process. Your website is also a great place to show people what happened with their donation. When people can see direct results of their donations they will be more likely to give.

Final Thoughts

When you believe in your cause and you are passionate to make an impact in the world, people will follow and support you. Communicating your vision well is the most important thing every non-profit organization needs to focus on. A great way to do this is on your website. Use your website to inspire, encourage, and educate people about your cause. Your website is your greatest communication tool and it is important to make sure that it has everything it needs to perform well and inspire the world.




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