5 Website Design Tips: Turn Your Website Into A Marketing Machine

Posted by JCI Marketing on Nov 15, 2016 10:57:55 AM


Do you have a medical practice website? If so, have you checked it out recently? If you haven’t, you might be in for a surprise. Your website may not be all that you were hoping it would be – a way to drive potential patients into your medical practice. There are a number of reasons why your website might not be living up to its potential. We’ll discuss 5 ways to redesign your website in a way that attracts customers and helps motivate them to contact you for a new patient appointment.

Why Some Medical Practice Websites Are Lacking

A lot of people think that once they design and launch their website that’s it – they’re all done and they don’t have to focus on their website ever again. Unfortunately, this is never the case. This is just the first step. Your website will never be “finished.” There will always be something that needs to be updated or optimized.

For example, these days the majority of internet surfing is done from a mobile device. Websites that aren’t designed to be mobile-friendly may look amazing on a desktop or laptop computer. But, when it comes to checking out the same site on a tablet or smartphone, the difference is incredible. People might not even be able to access the website. In other cases, they might not have access to all of the information, or the images are skewed. Obviously, this isn’t the best way to introduce your practice to new patients.

Another issue is when websites aren’t user-friendly. It doesn’t matter what type of device they’re on, the problem is usability. The site might be confusing, it might be difficult to find out how to contact the medical practice, or every time they click on a specific button they’re either redirected to somewhere they didn’t want to go, or they keep getting bombarded with pop-ups. Any one of these will lead to frustration, which will not motivate a patient to find out more about you.

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How To Choose the right graphics for your dental Website

Posted by Tyler Vaughn on Oct 29, 2015 11:00:05 AM

Finding the right tone of a dental website can be very difficult at times. The tone of a site is everything and it can be determined within the first 10 seconds of someone viewing the site.  It is the first impression and it is not something to be taken lightly. As a medical professional you want to visually present yourself as professional and trustworthy while being warm and inviting for your clientele. Therein lies the delicate balance that you must find with picking graphics for your dental website.  

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