How To Get Good Patient Reviews And Deal With That Negative Review

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Have you ever looked at online reviews before making a purchasing decision? Most people do, even when it comes to choosing their medical provider. That shows just how important it is to try and get positive patient reviews from your existing patients. When potential patients see these medical practice reviews, they may very well be more inclined to call your office for a new patient examination.

EW8207_jcimarketing.com_B5_RP_09.27.16.jpgThe 4 Dos and Don’ts of Getting Positive Patient Reviews and How to Utilize Them

Many physicians hold their breath for medical practice reviews. The idea of actually asking a patient to post an online review is quite uncomfortable for most people. It just feels unnatural, like you’re seeking praise that isn’t authentic. After all, patients would go ahead and post such a review if they really felt that positively about you, right? Not necessarily; sometimes even the most thankful and positive patients need a little motivation. So asking for a positive testimonial or review is not a bad thing; in fact, most patients will be happy to do so.

This raises another important question – how do you go about asking for a medical practice review from your patients?


1. Never Resort to Fake Reviews

Yes, people have paid others to write positive reviews for them. Not only is this completely unethical, it’s not helpful to patients and it makes you look bad.


2. Don’t Be Afraid to Request Reviews

This is where a lot of physicians get hung up – the dreaded request for a good patient review. But don’t worry; most patients are happy to do this for you. Obviously you don’t want to pressure them, but for most people this request is no big deal.

If your patient seems especially happy after an appointment, praises you up and down, or has referred others to your practice, by all means – ask them for a review. These are the type of people who will have no qualms about doing so.


3. Add Positive Testimonials to Your Website and Blog

Once your patient has agreed to post a review, ask them if you can use your review for other ventures. Posting those reviews on your website or in your blog is another way to get those reviews in front of potential patients.


4. Don’t Be Satisfied With 5-Star Reviews Only

Getting a mix of reviews—both positive and mediocre—will make your practice come across as real. Patients realize that not all medical practices appeal to all patients. Reading the positive and the not-so-positive will help them determine if you’re the right physician for them or not.

Another thing to take into consideration is that only having perfect reviews makes most people suspect whether the reviews are real or not. It’s true – modern-day humans are a cynical bunch.


How to Cope When You Get a Negative Review

Unfortunately, no one is immune to a negative review. At first, this may seem embarrassing and even heartbreaking. Then the fear strikes – will that negative review draw potential patients, even existing patients, away from your practice? Not necessarily.

Getting negative feedback is really eye opening. Are there things that can be improved upon within your medical practice? Of course there is! As outlined in an article by this medical reviews company, it's clear no practice is perfect. By getting that negative feedback you now have some insight into what’s not working for your patients, at least some of them.

Another benefit of negative reviews is that you sometimes have the opportunity to address those reviews. You can apologize for any misunderstandings or inconveniences, as far as HIPAA will allow for anyway. In doing this, the disgruntled patient, as well as potential patients, will see that you’re humble enough to admit that you weren’t perfect, and willing to work with patients to see that their needs are met.


Online Patient Reviews: An Important Tool for Attracting New Patients

How do you feel when you’re publically praised? Or what about the feeling you get when one of your patients gives you a heartfelt “thank you” for helping them attain better health? You feel great when these kinds of things happen, don’t you?

This is the same feeling you will get when you see positive patient reviews online. But even more importantly, a positive review can bolster the growth of your practice. So don’t be afraid to ask your loyal patients for their feedback and to post their feelings online. When potential patients see those reviews, it will motivate them to check out your website or, better yet, call your office to schedule an appointment.


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