7 SEO Tips For Your Medical Practice: Increase Rankings And Growth

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We’ve all heard about SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, with regard to online marketing. We know it’s important but it isn’t always clear how we go about achieving it. What all is involved in SEO? How can you increase your rankings on search engines? And, how can SEO help to grow your medical practice?


EW8207_jcimarketing.com_B6_RP_09.27.16.jpg7 SEO Tips: Increase Your Rankings and Grow Your Medical Practice

Here are 7 SEO tips that will help boost your online marketing endeavors.


1. Identify Your Target Market

Every business needs to identify their target audience, otherwise they’ll be trying to market to everyone which simply doesn’t work. Identifying your ideal patients will help you to market specifically to them. This individualized marketing effort will garner more new patients than would attempting to appeal to every personality out there.


2. What Is Your Target Audience Searching For?

Identifying your target will help you figure out what they’ll be searching for online. So, when you think about your ideal patients, what are their needs? Are you a pediatrician? Then you may be putting out SEO content relating to children’s needs – vaccinations, cold and flu relief, or injuries sustained during school sports activities.

Or, are you a holistic doctor, with training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure, acupuncture and Ayurveda medicine? If that’s the case, your target audience would likely be looking for more natural, holistic, and non-invasive treatments. The content you provide on your website, blog or social media can target these potential patients by focusing on exactly what it is that they’re interested in.


3. Evaluate Your Competitors

Take some time to check out your competitors. Google them and see what comes up. Review their website, social media posts and the content in their blogs. How are they attracting their patients? What kind of content are they offering – do they focus mainly on blogs, or do they post videos as well? How do they advertise and market their medical practice. With certain SEO tools online—some of which are free—you can examine their most productive keywords and keyword phrases. You can learn a lot from this simple evaluation.


4. Pay Attention to Meta Data

What is meta data? It is information that tells all of the search engines what your web pages are all about. The information you need to focus on are the title tag, the meta description and your content headers. All of these need to be keyword optimized in order to help increase your rankings on Google and other search engines.


5. Don’t Forget Your Local Market Search

You practice at an actual physical location. Therefore, you have to make sure potential patients can find you. Since over 60 percent of people do their research online, and usually from mobile devices, make sure that your current address is listed correctly on your mobile-friendly website. You should also list your address and phone number with Google+ Local Page and Foursquare Page. You want to make it as easy as possible for potential patients to find you!


6. Social Media Can Help Increase Your Rankings

Linking your website to your social media platforms can help increase your rankings as well. When you build an audience and have quality content, Google will raise your rank. They will raise it even more if the content you share is shared by your followers, so make sure your content is informative, engaging and extremely helpful to your target audience.


7. Track Your Results and Adjust As Necessary

With Google Webmaster Tools you can find out whether all of your SEO efforts are paying off. Wait to check the results for approximately 2-3 weeks. Nothing happens overnight, so give your current results some time before you decide they’re not working.

If, after those few weeks you decide that your efforts aren’t getting the results that you want, it’s now time to make some adjustments. Go through the above steps again and check Google Analytics for current keyword trends.


Utilizing the Latest SEO Techniques to Grow Your Medical Practice

Online marketing is all about visibility. Utilizing the latest SEO techniques will help your medical practice to be more visible to potential patient by increasing your rankings on popular search engines. More people than ever before are utilizing search engines to make all kinds of decisions. The higher your search engine ranking, the more people will see you and make the decision to contact your office for an appointment. Therefore, do all you can to take advantage of the latest SEO tips and techniques.


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