6 Steps For Growing Your Medical Practice In The Digital Age

Posted by JCI Marketing on Nov 15, 2016 10:40:11 AM

EW8207_jcimarketing.com_B1_RP_09.27.16.jpgYour medical practice is a place where you get to focus on caring for and healing your patients. But it’s a business, too. In order to keep your business functioning in a way that will bring in enough money to earn a living for you and your employees, you have to focus on growing your medical practice.

This isn’t always easy, though. Since the economic downturn in 2007, fewer patients than ever before are proceeding with elective and even preventative care. This means there is less traffic coming into your office.

The idea of growing your medical practice in this scenario can seem daunting. However, with some outstanding patient care and the latest technology you can witness exceptional growth within your medical practice.

Growing Your Medical Practice: 6 Steps for Growth

These 6 steps for growth combine old-fashioned common sense with some of the latest marketing techniques.


1. Start by Thinking like Your Patients

The most important step in growing your practice is to think like your patients. Every aspect of your practice needs to be evaluated from a patient’s point of view.

  • Your Website: Does your website have a modern, positive vibe? Or does it look more like something out of the early days of the internet? A modern look is appealing– it makes patients feel like you’re “with the times” and that if your website is that way, the rest of your practices must be also. 
  • The Office: Is your office warm, clean, organized and inviting? Is it cluttered and messy? Is it cold and sterile? Cleanliness is one thing, but a cold environment won’t make patients feel welcome or comfortable.
  • Patient Interactions with the Staff: How does your office staff talk to patients on the phone? How do they greet patients when they enter the office? What’s the interaction like in the operatories? A warm, friendly tone of voice, a genuine smile, and an understanding attitude go a long way.


2. Pay Attention to What Your Patients Are Saying

Patient reviews are extremely important for practice growth. When prospective patients see positive online ratings and patient reviews they will feel more comfortable making an appointment.

While no one likes seeing negative patient reviews, these can be a powerful tool for growth too. An honest negative review will give you some insight into areas that need improvement. It will help you to think like your patients and implement positive changes.


3. Build Your Medical Social Media Platform

A lot of doctors shy away from social media, but it is a very useful tool for interacting with current patients and attracting prospective patients. Engaging online will build trust and help make patients feel like you’re friendly and approachable.

You can hire a marketing team to coordinate multiple platforms so you get different levels of exposure. Or, you could just focus on one or two platforms, like Twitter and writing a weekly blog. Your marketing team will have more insight into what would work best for your practice.


4. Embrace the Latest Technologies

Patients don’t want to feel like they’re getting medical treatment from someone who is stuck in the dark ages. There have been so many exciting and intriguing medical and technological advances in the last few decades. Embracing the latest technology instills confidence in patients. They know you’re staying up to date with the latest medical information.


5. Get Involved In Your Community

How visible are you within your community? Do you attend or participate in local community or charitable events? Getting out into the community will show people that you care about your neighbors.


6. Using Email Marketing to Show You Care

Staying in touch via email is a great way to show your patients that you care about them, that you’re thinking about them regularly and that you want to offer them valuable information. When patients see that you’re willing to put time and effort into writing email newsletters that contain free yet valuable information, it might bring them one step closer to keeping their follow-up appointments and referring their friends and family.


Growing Your Medical Practice: A Combination of Common Sense, Care and Technology

It’s obvious that you care about people. If you didn’t, you never would’ve entered the medical field. The level of care you have for your patients can be used to help grow your medical practice. By thinking about what would make your patients feel comfortable and implementing some of the latest marketing techniques, your practice will soon begin to experience outstanding growth.

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