5 Website Design Tips: Turn Your Website Into A Marketing Machine

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EW8207_jcimarketing.com_B3_RP_09.27.16.jpgDo you have a medical practice website? If so, have you checked it out recently? If you haven’t, you might be in for a surprise. Your website may not be all that you were hoping it would be – a way to drive potential patients into your medical practice. There are a number of reasons why your website might not be living up to its potential. We’ll discuss 5 ways to redesign your website in a way that attracts customers and helps motivate them to contact you for a new patient appointment.

Why Some Medical Practice Websites Are Lacking

A lot of people think that once they design and launch their website that’s it – they’re all done and they don’t have to focus on their website ever again. Unfortunately, this is never the case. This is just the first step. Your website will never be “finished.” There will always be something that needs to be updated or optimized.

For example, these days the majority of internet surfing is done from a mobile device. Websites that aren’t designed to be mobile-friendly may look amazing on a desktop or laptop computer. But, when it comes to checking out the same site on a tablet or smartphone, the difference is incredible. People might not even be able to access the website. In other cases, they might not have access to all of the information, or the images are skewed. Obviously, this isn’t the best way to introduce your practice to new patients.

Another issue is when websites aren’t user-friendly. It doesn’t matter what type of device they’re on, the problem is usability. The site might be confusing, it might be difficult to find out how to contact the medical practice, or every time they click on a specific button they’re either redirected to somewhere they didn’t want to go, or they keep getting bombarded with pop-ups. Any one of these will lead to frustration, which will not motivate a patient to find out more about you.


5 Website Design Tips to Turn Your Website into a Beautiful Marketing Machine

Are you concerned that your medical practice website isn’t up to par? Then consider these 5 website design tips.


1. What Is Your Domain Name?

The right domain name will help potential patients find you faster. For best results, choose a domain name that has the same name as you (drsmith.com, drjohnjones.com) or the name of your practice (johnsonfamilypractice.com).


2. Rewrite the Important Pages

The most important pages on your website are the Home, About and Contact pages. Check to see if these pages are patient-centric. Do they simply list your services, or do they explain how those services help your patients. Make sure to include your mission statement, too. The language tone on your website should be friendly and informative, and there should definitely be a call to action. Clearly show your email address, physical address and phone number on the Contact Us page.


3. Start an SEO Friendly Blog and/or Vlog

A great way to drive traffic to your website is with a blog or vlog. Both provide valuable information to patients in a friendly, conversational manner. Think about what your patients want to know and create regular content for your blog. To make things even more interactive, occasionally make a vlog about a topic. Doing this will make you familiar to potential patients and they’ll get a sense of your personality and bed-side manner.


4. Don’t Forget About User- and Mobile-Friendliness

We’ve already talked about how important it is that a website is user-friendly and mobile-friendly, but it bears repeating. Evaluate your website from different devices to see if there are any issues. There are tutorials online, or you can talk to your medical marketing team to find out how to improve these aspects of your website.


5. Test and Redesign Your Website As Needed

Remember – your medical practice website will never be “finished.” Keep regularly checking its effectiveness and redesign your website whenever you feel an update is necessary.


All of Your Marketing Efforts Will Keep Your Business Growing

While your #1 focus is on patient care, it’s always good to remember that you’re running a business. You, your family and your staff members rely on the success of this business. Even your patients rely on it. That’s why it’s so important to focus on growth and marketing, which includes having a fabulously designed website. That, in addition to excellent patient care, is what’s going to keep you in business for years to come.


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