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Posted by Blake Crawford on May 18, 2018 1:11:00 PM

Branding is about leaving a mark, and marks get made long before a product is sold or a service is rendered. Long time marketing guru Seth Godin says it like this, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.” We are hardwired to form and be formed by story. Story is always being told, even when words aren’t being spoken, and in the current business world, the consumer will typically come to know your story before stepping through your door. Here are some tips and tricks for “leaving a mark” with your brand.

Up Your Instagram Game

How’s the old saying go? “A picture’s worth a thousand words?” Instagram is the triumph of visual storytelling, and the perfect place to capture the culture of your company. Instagram has become a powerful platform for branding, with this idea in mind: Picture forms this generation more so than before, and for it we must find ways to package it in a way that leaks the essence of your brand. Instagram is most popular amongst millennials, with 63% of them saying IG is the place they go to learn about products and services. 74% of millennials say they take action on a purchase after finding inspiration from a post. Visual storytelling creates connection far more powerful than words on a page. Millions of companies are using Instagram to tell their story.

Some things to think about on Instagram: What do you see when you think about your company? What do you want others to see? Take pictures of those things and post them. Remember that a good chunk of your clients are stalking your Instagram before they give you their business, and for it, Instagram is a crucial place to tell your story well.

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Tell Your Story Straight

Today’s consumer comes with a built-in crap detector. They know you don’t have it all together, and they don’t need you to. Show the world that you’re personable, show them what you’re laughing at, and watch them take to you. In case you haven’t noticed, business isn’t necessarily known for being very fun. In this world, customers are looking for something to belong to, something that feels like family. Customers can tell a lot about your company’s atmosphere by the content you create. Let loose a little on your content. Be funny. Be forward. Everybody wants the truth.

Start by orienting a section of your content around your story, whether it’s a blog about the history of your company, or posting throwback social media posts to where your business has been and where it’s going. Content that reads like story will put flesh on your business, making it more personable, and less robotic. Story will give the consumer an inside look into who you are, provide deeper connection, and secure trust.  


Give Space For Others To Tell Your Story

The only thing more powerful than you telling your story is when someone else tells it. Make space on your website and in your content for short quotes or testimonials. This tells your client that your business isn’t about you, that it’s about them, and that’s the most important thing you could say.

Final Thoughts

Tell a story that is true enough to stick and short enough to remember. Your brand is the impression you leave everyone with, and Instagram is the place this generation goes for impression. Tell the truth, and give space for your clients to talk you up. Moves like these will tell the world you're relevant and in it for relationships, and if you really are these things, your business will benefit from these branding tips. 

Blake Crawford

Written by Blake Crawford