5 Website Must-Haves For Architects

Posted by Shannon Selim on Dec 2, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Way to go! It’s been a long journey, but you got here. A licensed architect... check. Business owner… check. Now what? If you haven’t already, it’s time to brand yourself and get on with the business of marketing, selling and making architecture magic.

A key component of your marketing and branding strategy most definitely includes a kick butt website. It’s a space to visually showcase your best work, brag about your career and expertise, reveal who you are, what you’ve learned along the way, and engage with prospective clients. Let’s take a look at some proven techniques in architecture web design that will capitalize on these aspects for you.


Architecture Website ExampleThe Hero Image


A hero image, is the first image someone sees when your website is pulled up. A visually striking, full-width image is a popular and strong web design feature that is a great way to pull your audience in. You can include a professional photo of one of your favorite projects, a clever (or even animated) illustration, or a creative abstract design - communicating your “technical or aesthetic” edge. From the outset, you want to impress your prospective clientele by showcasing some of your best work, what your capable of and what your taste is like.



Architect PortfolioProfessional Portfolio


Every architect needs a professional portfolio. This goes without saying, but the way you display your portfolio is important. When images aren’t the correct resolution, are cropped funny or the click through functionality is broken, what was meant to be a powerful, “speak for itself” feature of your website becomes unimpressive and embarassing. Think about displaying your portfolio as a full-width grid gallery, a “mason gallery,” or using a nice lightbox technique. These methods will help your images stand out nicely and provide a striking visual presentation.



layout.pngGood Layout


Since Architecture is a hybrid of design and functionality, it is a must to showcase this in the way you layout your website. Guiding the user’s eye through good use of white space, and using the right mix of text and images is key. One way of doing this is to break up sections of your scrolling pages with colored backgrounds, grid gallery’s, and hero or full-width banner images. This gives sections of pages clear delineations, while helping the overall design feel cohesive and organized.




Case Stuarchitect_case_study.pngdies

That impressive hero image we mentioned is a great way to pull your audience in. But what you’ve displayed there might have been one of your mega successes from a few years ago. It’s important to give a running list of current projects you have and are working on. Regularly updated content is a way to keep your user’s engaged. One way you can do this is by utilizing a blog on your website. Through showing before and after photos of the project site, blueprints, CAD designs and 3D Models, and writing about the process, you will show your professionalism and ability to execute a project from start to finish. This will definitely draw people in and increase engagement across your site.


Clear CTA’s


All of these methods are a great way toarchitect_cta.png showcase who you are as an architect, but if you don’t have clear calls-to-action that help people engage with you and generate leads, your website hasn’t been very effective. A clear call-to-action leaves the user with no confusion over what they are supposed to do or where they need to go on your site to get in touch with you. A call-to-action can be a contact form, a button that leads to your contact page, a phone number or email address clearly highlighted on the homepage or some type of offer you give to those who provide you with their email address. Make this a prominent feature on your website, easy for user’s to find.

You've worked hard to get where you are. Now it's time to make your website and other parts of your marketing kit work for you. These tried web design techniques will serve you in your goal of creating a clean, visually impressive, lead-generation optimized website for your architecture firm. 

 Starting showing off your Architecture with a brand new website!

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