Yelp was founded in 2004 to help people find great local businesses. Essentially, it's a social media platform to review businesses, learn what other's think and do to research before making a purchase decision.

However, it's not just for reviewers, Yelp is a viatal part of a small business' social media marketing. 


Yelp for Small Businesses

By the end of Q2 2015, Yelp had a monthly average of 83 million unique visitors via their mobile device and 79 million from a desktop. By the same time, Yelpers (a.k.a. people who use yelp) have written more than 83 million reviews. That's a lot of visitors and a lot of reviews! If you're a business and you're not on Yelp, you are missing out on a HUGE boost for your business.

You might be thinking, "Yeah, but how many of those 83 million reviews are actually good reviews?" I'm glad you asked! According to Yelp's factsheet, 78% of reviews are neutral to great! 

Rating distribution for reviews:

  • 5 Stars: 42%
  • 4 Stars: 25%
  • 3 Stars: 11%
  • 2 Stars: 8%
  • 1 Star: 14% states that "72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations," and 90% say that positive reviews impact their buying decisions. If that's not enough, Nielsen, a giant consumer research and reporting firm, conducted a study on Yelp as well. They found 70% of people find online reviews at least somewhat trustworthy. Online reviews for small businesses are key to their success.

According to a different Nielson study85 percent of consumers find local business information online. The study found that "over 96 percent of Yelp users visit the site specifically for the ratings and reviews." So if your business is not on Yelp, you're missing a large audience of people who are trying to find you.

What about ROI?

The Nielson study also found that people use Yelp when looking to make a purchase.

  • 51% of Yelp users make their purchase decisions after visiting the site.
  • 93 percent of the time, using Yelp results in occasionally to always making a purchase 
  • 89% make a purchase within 1 week of visiting Yelp.

Boston Consulting Group found that small businesses with a free Yelp business account saw an increase of $8000 annually. That's just from a free business page! That's incredible. 

What Next?

Go to Yelp and claim your FREE business page. Don't forget to have updated phone numbers, addresses, clear images that show your logo and portray your brand and monitor your page to see how you're doing! A recent Yelp Study showed that "Businesses who have 1-5 reviews and 10 photos get 200% more user views than businesses with the same number of reviews and no photos." 

Having a Yelp business page not only drives traffic to your brick and mortar store, it drives SIGNIFICANT traffic to your website. Software Advice conducted studies for Doctors, Lawyers and Home Services and found the following:

  • 561,985 website visits for Lawyers came from Yelp
  • 30,155 website visits for Doctors cam from Yelp
  • 46,080 website visites for Home Services businesses came from Yelp

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of business you are, but especially if you're a small local business, you need to be on Yelp for your business. Go claim your page and start getting good reviews that drive people to your website! Happy Yelping!



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