If you've been in the business world for any length of time, you know that the process of branding your business involves much more than just designing a logo. Branding is the entire experience, including both visual and non-visual elements. One of the most important (and most often overlooked) aspects of branding is language. The voice that you're using to communicate with your customers speaks to your overall company culture and values. 

One of the major reasons why companies hire a branding agency is to create a brand identity that is consistent all the way through the whole brand experience. The way your business sounds is just as important as how it looks. Copywriting plays a big role in the brand experience and needs to be a part of every businesses brand strategy. 


Develop A Brand Story

Good copywriting will help you to develop your brand story and create a narrative that your buyer personas will understand. Through this narrative you can clearly communicate what your business is all about and the values that make your business unique. An article on HBR says that, 64% of people cite shared values as the main reason they have a relationship with a brand. It is through your copywriting that you communicate your values and create a relationship with your buyer personas.


Branding-Copywriting.jpegBranding Is More Than A Visual Identity

Too often businesses will create a visual identity for their business but then neglect to go any further in creating the brand. There is a big difference between creating a visual identity and branding your business. In fact, an article on Landor says that roughly 45 percent of a brand’s image can be attributed to what it says and how it says it. Branding is a comprehensive process that includes all aspects that create a brand’s identity. This includes things like your tone of voice, brand promise, and several other non-visual elements.


Brand Consistency

One of the biggest reasons why copywriting needs to be part of your branding strategy is because it will create brand consistency. The tone of voice that you use on your website and other branded marketing material has just as much impact on the brand experience as the design of your logo. A consistent brand experience is crucial for building trust with your buyer personas and communicating a clear message. If you neglect to create a copywriting strategy for the tone of voice of your brand you will run the risk of confusing your customers and making it more difficult for them to recognize and understand your brand.


Final Thoughts

When somebody interacts with your brand, it will evoke certain emotions that have a significant impact on whether they decide to buy your product or even pay attention to you. When you create a brand identity, your copywriting strategy is what will guide the overall brand experience and evoke the emotions that you want your customers to fell when they interact with your brand.



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