So you have finally taken the plunge to start your own business. Along with taking this step comes all the risk of being a business owner. Your branding will make or break your success as a local business, it’s not something that you want to take lightly. Your branding is the way people will recognize and perceive your business. Branding your business goes far beyond just creating a logo, and is one of the first steps you need to take as a business owner.  We have many helpful hints for your branding process, but your focus needs to be sharply attentive on who you are trying to reach.


Here are 4 things to do to when branding your local business:

Have A Clear Message

Every great brand has a clear message. This is the first thing that you should determine in your branding process. What is the main thing you want to communicate to you customers? What do you stand for? Whatever it is, your message should guide your branding process to ensure that it is being communicated clearly and effectively.

Don’t Cut Corners

One of the most common mistakes local businesses make is cutting corners in the branding process. Like when you get you branding done by whoever will do it for free. It might seem like it’s easier and cheaper to do your own branding but this isn’t a good strategy if you want to have a strong brand. More often than not, businesses will end up getting it professionally done by a branding firm anyways, so it makes the most sense to do it right the first time.

Use Local Imagery

A great way to communicate that you are a local business is to use imagery in your logo of things that are locally iconic. Whether it’s a mountain or a river, using those recognizable images will communicate that you are a local business. Some businesses will also use local photos on their website to show that they care about their community.

Get Involved In The Community

There is nothing more powerful than being visible in your community. The more people see you the more they will recognize you. This could look like sponsoring local events or standing up for community issues. When it comes to local business people want to know who they are supporting and who the owner of the business is. When you are visible in your community, you become far more trustworthy in the eyes of the community and likely to have refferals.

Final Thoughts

Consistency is crucial when for marketing your local business. You want to create a brand that people in your area will recognize in an instant. Before you even start the design of your logo you need to create buyer personas for your business. These profiles will help you to understand your customers better and create a stronger brand that they can relate to. The more you can understand who your customers are, the stronger your branding can be.


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