What Is A Buyer Persona?

If you’re familiar with inbound marketing, I bet you’ve heard of the term “buyer persona”, if you haven't then you may have heard of the phrase “target market.” A target market is the market of people your business focuses on for generating leads. Every inbound marketing agency will tell you that you should have a clear picture of what market of people you are targeting. So what’s with the term “buyer persona?” How is it different than a target market? A Buyer Persona is a fictional character based on educated research of who your ideal customer is. A Buyer Persona is like a target market, but different in the fact that it is based off a specific person, not a market of people. A target market really focuses on answering the question, who? While a buyer persona goes deeper to answer the question, why? Creating target market work well with traditional marketing methods, but times have changed. Buyer personas cater to the new ways of marketing other than traditional methods




The Anatomy Of A Buyer Persona

A Buyer persona is the first step of an inbound marketing campaign. It is a profile that describes a fictional character that represents your ideal customer. This profile can be made through research, and asking specific behavioral questions. To be most effective, you must develop a series of questions that you can answer with the research you have done. The questions you ask should give you insight into their lifestyle, the way they make decisions, reasoning behind their behavior, as well as personal background information. According to HubSpot, “personas help to identify where your ideal customers spend time on the internet – So you can be there too!”


Buyer-Persona-ProfileDo I Need To Make A Buyer Persona If I Already Know My Target Market?

Yes. Absolutely! It is beneficial to have both. The more information you have about the people you sell to the better. Target market research is great to have for general demographic and biographic information. And, Buyer personas will allow you to have more insight on the specific type of person you are targeting. Specifics are good! Getting specific doesn’t exclude people from your marketing efforts, it actually allows you to spend your time marketing to the right people. You will end up with the ability to generate more high quality leads


Where Do I Start?

The best place to start is to do research. If you have information about your target market, start with that and elaborate on the things you know already. Personas focus on the behaviors and motivations of your ideal customer, and that’s where you should do the majority of your research. If you know that your buyer persona spends a lot of time on Facebook or Twitter, you can use that info to generate leads with social media. You can find out than just where they spend time online, research what motivates them personally and professionally, and what their goals are. Once you have gathered a good amount information, you will then be ready to create buyer personas based on the research that you’ve done. 



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