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We want to introduce you to one of our latest projects - Backtrip Music Festival. The combination of several creative minds came together to produce a unique, psychedelic experience, targeted towards a specific demographic. Backtrip Music Festival is a five-day, multi-genre music and art festival located outdoors, near Lake City, South Carolina that provides a similar experience to other festivals like Bonnaroo. The project included creating both the visual identity for the festival as well as their custom website.



The request to create a trippy and euphoric experience through the logo and website design was definitely a challenge that we couldn’t pass up. We wanted to create a look that was unique and unlike anything that had been done before. To do that, we had custom artwork created for the website by psychedelic artist Vicky Scott from the UK. Vicky’s creative process is pretty amazing. Each element of the artwork is created separately with paper cut outs and then layered on top of each other to create the complete art piece.

In collaboration with our JCI design team, the original artwork was further customized to fit the feeling and functionality that we had in mind for the website. The illustrations themselves do a great job creating a trippy experience, but the addition of more realistic elements along with the illustrations work together to create the trippy-euphoric look we were going for.

From a functional standpoint, the goal of the website is to create an experience and provide a festival hub where festival goers can purchase tickets, get information, and to see what bands will be playing.   

If you are an avid festival goer, your next chance to ‘Take the Backtrip’ will be May 25th-29th, 2017. All the information you need is on the website. Even if you are not the festival type, we invite you to take a look at the website, to see the artwork, branding, and design that was put into it. We are definitely proud of it, and think you will enjoy it.



Final Thoughts

No matter what industry you are in, web design make a huge impact on your ability to generate leads and ultimately make sales. While there are infinite creative ways to do this in the design of your website there are certain things that every website needs to have to be successful.  


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