In the past 5 years, we have built a ton of websites. We're really proud to call each of you our 'client and friend'. However, many of you aren't getting the return on investment that others are.

The sites are all great, we like to think. I doubt that's the problem. But the relevant traffic quanitity likely IS the problem. I like to use the simple metaphor of fishing.

The website is your hook.

If we built your site (at least recently, as sites do get old over time), you likely have a really solid, strong "hook". But you'd never go out to the lake with a hook alone and expect to try to catch some fish, would you? Nope. 

It's the same with your website. You need to put some tasty bait on it! In 2016, our company's own revenue grew by over 62%. That's HUGE, right? It's because we got serious about the bait business. Today, we have experts on staff who have brought incredible amounts of the right traffic to sites that we build. The team uses ultra-modern (and quite efficient) technology to analyze how your ideal client base finds businesses to patronize. Depending on those findings, we have a complete tool box full of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), AdWord Management, Inbound Marketing, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, website content writing, display advertisement, and so much more. 

Since we have so many people working on so many tools, we're really efficient and can work with almost any budget. You'll be shocked how much business a little amount of money can drive to your website and through your door.

So, if we built your site and you're not totally overflowing with 'fish', please reply to this email. We'll dig in and see what's going on and how we can help you. And if we did NOT build your site but you fancy the idea of getting more fish in your boat, we would love to help with that too. 

Our office number is 530.410.0011, and my cell is 910.619.6545.  We offer value-based pricing, which means that we only quote projects and strategies that we are convinced will bring you an excellent ROI.

I look forward to hearing from you.

- Jared

PS - We recently went through an extensive process to create our new Mission and Vision statements. My team actually interviewed me as if I were their client. I am shocked at how 'known' I felt after reading what they came up with. If you need help forming your business' Mission and Vision Statements, feel free to reply to this as well. Here's what they came up with.

Vision Statement:

“To make evident to the world, community by community and business by business, the Truth that profit in the hands of the honest and fair is good for everyone.”

Mission Statement:

“To drive revenue and increase market share for client-businesses by exposing their strengths and maximizing opportunities both online and offline.

To boldly be a leader garden. For both clients and team members alike, our ‘fertile soil’ is a culture that is built upon encouragement and accountability, allowing powerful individuals to develop the ability to truly make the world a better place.

And to become a legacy company of empowered leaders who are known for loving clients through excellence and wisdom, who are known for integrity and follow-through, and who are well-aware of their individual giftings and callings."

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