Website design for engineering websites has become a place where amazing innovation and creativity happen. Given the field of work, there is so many approaches that can be taken and, in my opinion, there are very few rules to be broken. There are many ways web design affects user experience. Whether you are an architect or an engineer, there are certain website must haves that you should make sure you have. Engineering is the field that follows a few basic principles but then dares to put the rest of them to the test in an attempt to make breakthroughs that most have only seen in their dreams. 

Throughout this blog we will look at a responsive website design we did for Pressure Profile Systems Inc. (PPS). This company is the real deal. They are a leader in their field and are making huge strides in innovative technology.



Here are 3 great website design trends for engineers:

1. Balance Between Design And Function

One basic principle of design balancing design and function. You have to create a site that can be navigated well by the end user while leaving them almost mystified visually in the process. There is a variety of ways to do this. It's essential to think about the way your web design affects the user experience. The most important word in design is balance. Design is as much about what you don’t use as it is what you do use. It’s important when it comes to website design not to sacrifice functionality to make it look good. It’s all about balance. The PPS website was built with this in mind. The responsive website functions well and is easy to navigate while still looking awesome.


Responsive-Web-Design-Icons2. Image Focused Website Design

When creating a new website in the engineering industry, having a clean, modern and visually pleasing site is a great idea. But, one of the biggest challenges, is to have modern and clean design when there is a ton of written content. On the PPS site, you will notice that there is a great deal of written content throughout the site due to the high level of technical information that was needed for their clients. With the dissonance between a large amount of content and their desire for an eye-popping design, there are some important design techniques that come into play. When you scroll through the pages you will notice that there is almost a rhythm to the flow of content and it’s spacing. This ensures website visitors do not grow tired or feel overwhelmed. Utilizing space, even exaggerated amounts of space, allows the user to knock out blocks of text one at a time and gives a subconscious sense of accomplishment and encourages more reading. This will be essential for the mobile version of your site as well.

Making sure that your website is mobile responsive is key to the user's experience. People don't want to pinch and zoom to read text on their mobile devices. The mobile responsive aspect of this site automatically resizes the images and the text to make it easy to read.  The splashes of purple behind the white text also makes the text easier to read. You want the website to look clean and not cluttered on mobile phones and tablets. 




3. Using Icons As Calls To Action

The goal of most engineering websites is to showcase responsive-website-design-exampletheir work. While that is all well and good, you cannot stop there. For mobile responsive website design, it is crucial to include clear calls to action to guide the users experience. These calls-to-action direct people to the pages they are looking for without any confusion.

The PPS site has custom icons with intricate details and sense of depth with the shadowing.  Because of the level of technology PPS provides, we wanted to also make the overall site feel very clean so we went with a simple base of whites, grays, and then added splashes of purple throughout. These icons keep the website looking clean and make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. 


Final Thoughts

The design of your website has a big impact on the experience people have when they visit your site. Having a mobile responsive website is important because of the increasing amount of people using their mobile devices to search the web. For engineers, a website is one of the main ways to tell people who you are. So, it essential to ensure that you don't miss anything when you are building your site. 


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