When looking for financial website design ideas, you have to keep in mind your brand,  and your specific website needs for your business. When potential clients are looking for a person or company to handle their finances, they are probably looking for the company to be respectable, trustworthy, innovative (out-of-the-box thinkers), organized (you don’t want disorganization when it comes to my money), and to appear professional. When you add all of the characteristics up and translate them to design it usually results in the whole clean edge, colorful, bright, and orderly look. Below are 3 financial website examples that will help spark inspiration and maybe even connect the dots for you and what you may be looking to do with your site.

Here are 3 great examples of Responsive Website Designs for Financial Services we’ve done here at JCI:


#1 ABA Advisors

ABA Accountants & Business Advisors is a highly respectable and well-established accounting firm based out of Knoxville, TN.  They wanted a modern design that incorporated the 4 different sub-brands of their firm for Physicians, Dentists, Veterinarians, and Small Business. The biggest hurdle that needed to be overcome was colors because they had very distinct primary colors in their branding, including the overall ABA green in the main logo. This was a fun challenge and it ended up creating a great product for the client. When you view the site you will notice that there are not a lot of rounded edges. We wanted to keep everything very straight edge. Subliminally this presents order and control. There is also a lot of content within this site so we wanted to have different colored sections and even some section with photography behind the text so that the content could be broken up in a way that allows your eyes and mind to not feel “overload”. There is also some subtle animation on page loads and while scrolling down each page. Subtle animations are great for financial websites because it gives a richness to the site. More exaggerated animations, however, would give the a financial site more of a playful and less professional sense so be careful and tasteful when adding animation to design for a site such as this.  

Accounting Websites



#2 Thrive MBI

Thrive MBI’s website is a fun example of a financial website because it is also combining a bit of technology and product design into the overall scope of the website. Thrive MBI gives mobile reporting and an analytics dashboard for the business of Dentistry. Because there is a great deal of technology involved in this particular company, we wanted to keep up with some of the latest design trends with utilizing a longer page with section breaks throughout. Now, you might say “isn’t scrolling for the user a ‘no-no’ in web design?” Yes, it used to be, but since over 51% of people view websites primarily from their phone or tablet, doing more scrolling is actually preferred by the user because dealing with a bulky navigation is more annoying that just swiping up and down. So we designed this site to give you as much information as we could on one page while keeping it visually interesting with breaks in color and text. Notice that everything still has very clean edges so that there is that sense of order and calmness.  




DH Scott is one of those companies with a huge amount of respect and experience with a long history of excellence. We wanted to give them a site that was modern but still felt as classy as the people that make up the heart of the company. There are many design choice factors that made this look and feel possible. By using timeless serif fonts, subtle textures, and non-agressive colors schemes we were able to bring a sense of class to the design. The moden flares came in by giving areas of the site plenty of "white" space (space between objects), utilizing large photo driven banners, and a few animations. DH Scott is a company that has a long list of services and a great degree of content so one of our goals was to give them a site that facilitated a place for all of that content but in a way that was super easy for the user to navigate.  You'll notice we have many different types of navigation with easy to use functions from the side navigation that flies in under the "Services" pages to the very polished site map in the footer.  

Responsive Website Design for Financial Institutions


Final Thoughts

As you are looking to build a new site for your financial business or are just looking to spruce up what you have currently, these sites will definitely help in the process of deciding what to do. Keep in mind, that all rules are loosely made to be broken when it comes to design but it needs to be done intentionally and not ignorantly. When it comes to marketing yourself as a financial professional you always want to appear trustworthy. Never come off like you don’t take what you do seriously by trying to be too personal or playful. While being approachable is great and something that people are looking for, they also want to know that you will be an asset to their finances even more so than being a friend.


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