Learning SEO can feel daunting but taking simple steps can break down the process and make it doable. As a dentist beginning your own search engine optimization campaign the first thing to do is to research the most accurate keywords for your practice. How do you find the right dental keywords? There are common mistakes people make when setting up SEO on their website, keywords is one of those areas where mistakes can be made.  But we would like to show you a few easy steps to finding the best dental seo keywords to help you structure your content.


Dental Keywords SEO

3 Steps to Researching Dental SEO Keywords for Your Dental Practice SEO Campaign:

 1. Make a List of Dental Services

The first step of your keyword research is brainstorming. Sit down and list out all of the services your practice provides for your clients. Each service area should become the starting point for your keyword research. Once you have gone through all your services and made a list it would possibly look something like this:

  • Dental Checkups
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Braces
  • Dental Fillings
  • Root Canals
  • Dental Bridges
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dentures


  2. Understand your future dental clients

Understanding the motivation behind the search request is the next step in finding great keywords. What is pain? Hygiene? Embarrassment? These questions can help us take your services and turn them into other keywords. Remember, in SEO a keyword is simply term term that people type in the search engines.  In the dental world, many people will search specifically for the service they need. But what is important to understand when doing keyword research is that each of your services is solving a problem. For example, the term “braces” is universally used as a way of straightening crooked or misaligned teeth. Stating the solutions your services provide is great way for your website to show up for a variety of searches related to your business


 3. Use the right keyword and seo tools 

There are many tools available for doing keyword research but the most effective ones will show you related terms and will give you an idea of the traffic. There are several free tools for showing related traffic. Ubersuggest, keyword.io and serp.com/tools/keywords are all tools that scrape Google’s instant results to pull in common queries that include your root keyword. These tools are best when used by entering a “seed” or root word like “root canal” or “cavities” to find a varied amount of keywords and search suggestions for related terms. Once you have compiled your list of services in step 1, I highly recommend running them through a suggestion finder tool to find other keywords related to your practice. They are also great tools for generating ideas to base your content around. Google Adword planner is the most common source for finding keyword traffic and is where all of the 3rd party tools get their information. It is free to have an Adwords account and will show traffic data for keywords and suggest relevant keywords as well. It is important to note though that the Adwords tool was developed by Google specifically for advertisers. It is speculated that they favor showing keywords that are the most profitable for them (and not necessarily the best keywords for SEO) so keep that in mind when viewing the data. I find that inputting your root keywords and their related terms gives a clear picture of the best keywords to target with your dental website’s content.


 Final thoughts

While “dentist” is the most popular search term in terms of monthly traffic, it is important to understand other related queries made by people in your area looking for a dentist. Whether people are looking for braces, root canals, teeth whitening or oral surgery, your website should specifically address each of your services. The process and the tools outlined above can help you uncover other keywords that your dental practice website can use in future SEO campaigns.


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