Great design is the balance between function and style. Archiecture embodies this tension while construction is merely the implementation of that idea. If you are in the architecutre or construction business then you most certainly want your website to show that you understand what that means by having a site as functional and stylish as the structures you build. With today's technology you don't have to have a clunky and cheap looking website that doesn't show your level of work in the way it should. Now there is technology that not only can show your work well but can put it front and center and allow your work to speak for itself.  

Here's how we incorporated style and function with the responsive construction and architecture websites below: 

Stream Construction

Construction Website ExamplesStream Construction has very little content but still wanted that “wow” factor. Due to the small amount of content we chose to go with a very heavy visual/photographic approach and incorporate a lot of movement and sense of space. We accomplished this by getting great “in action” shots of their manufacturing work and using what is called “fixed backgrounds” or what some call “parallax” for all the large images. Fixed backgrounds or parallax is basically where an image/element is given a command to stay within a fixed state but all the other elements are given a command to move normally around it.

Construction-Responsive-Website-DesignThis, in turn, causes a sense of depth and movement, and can really add a lot of excitement to a site. The best practice for this technique are places that do not have a great deal of text. We took the sense of depth one step further with the first image you seen when opening up the site. The company name was made to appear as if it were suspended between the smoke-stacks of a large refinery. This site is a great example of confidence because of how little is said verbally but how much is said visually.  Sometimes less is just a whole lot more.  

Intergroup ArchitectsArchitecture Website Examples

Talk about a company that has a huge amount of experience and is extremely professional. Intergroup Architects came to us and wanted a site that showed their extensive body of work, which made for a lot of content, but also wanted to appear tasteful. Their company prides themselves on building highly functional yet beautifully designed architectural pieces. Our goal was to show this by putting their work front and center and making the design elements around it purely complimentary.

Responsive Architecture Website

In order to do this we needed great photography, which they had in bulk. We accomplished putting their work front and center by using their project photos in any place that we could. Utilizing photos as buttons with nice rollover effects, using photos of their projects for banners, and building an extensive project library of all their work with easy to use lightbox galleries. Even the team member bios are extensive and show their individual bodies of work and then projects they are most proud about throughout their career. We achieved success with this site by letting the beauty of their body of work speak for itself. There was a great deal of space used throughout so that the user did not feel overwhelmed. Overall this a great site portfolio site for a great and respectable architectural firm in Colorado.  

Final Thoughts

These examples have shown you a little diversity and possibly given you ideas for your project. With construction and architecture website design you can let the “roof come off” in a sense.  The sky is the limit.  Don’t be afraid to show your clients that you dare to get outside the box and aren’t afraid to flaunt that confidence, knowledge, and sense of style a little. Highly functional and tasteful are the two elements that are needed in making a great construction website, because in the end your prospective clientele should leave your site feeling inspired and excited to get to work with you.  I’m excited to see what you come up with.  


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