Smile. You'll be glad you did.

As a dentist, you have one of the greatest marketing tools defining your business. You've heard it before: smiles are contagious. Not only does smiling make us more attractive, it actually lifts our mood, boosts our immune system, alleviates stress, and lowers blood pressure. Naturally, a good smile is your secret weapon for your dental practice's marketing strategy. Keep reading to learn how to more effectively spotlight your practice’s smile on your new dental website. Then watch and see what those pearly whites can do.

1. Position your dental practice for success.

Let’s be real. Marketing your dental practice isn’t always the most glamorous job. However, as a dental practitioner, you are at a great advantage. While your service may be streamlined, your patients are unique. Plus, they carry one of the greatest marketing tools out there.

Think Patient-Centric.

By simply spotlighting the work you do every day, you will reap some of the natural benefits of the human smile. To accomplish this, re-focus the structure, content, and media of your new dental website to be patient-centric. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential patients, and ask yourself what they’re looking for. Answer the questions that they’re asking when they visit your site. Consider featuring some patient before and after pictures, or video testimonials from happy patients. Your prospective clients will be happy to see people just like them having a positive experience with your services, and be much more likely to book that first appointment.

Dental Website

2. Get ahead of game when marketing the Dental Marketing game. 

There is always work to be done under the hood to ensure your car runs. Once you have the patient-centric mindset set in stone, you are equipped to begin constructing the hardware that brings these ideas to life. The following three pieces of hardware are essential when redesigning the website for your dental practice. Do them well and you will be laps ahead of your competitors.


  • Media
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Localized SEO

As a dental practice, you may not realize the creative potential you carry. Do not buy into the lie that you are plain and simple. Rather, combat the common stereotype of the bleak dental office by combining stimulating media elements with color and sleek, modern design. It’s so important to express the heart and culture of your company in the media that you create. From your printed materials to social media graphics and video, make sure you’re making a strong and positive statement with your branding.

50.3% of website traffic comes through a mobile device. Responsive dental websites design that is catered to display perfectly on mobile phones is absolutely essential, yet it seems to be a concept many practices miss in their medical website design. Get ahead of the game by ensuring your website operates smoothly across all devices. See Entrepreneur Magazine's article on the most recent mobile marketing trends of 2018 for more of these striking stats.

Finally, consider using tools such as Google My Business or Yelp. Geography is one of the most influential factors in the success of your dental practice. Localized SEO, therefore, is vital. Do your research and don’t stop with google search engines. For more information on SEO strategy, download our free 17 SEO Myths EBook.

3. Create a different dental office experience. 

Marketing your dental website

What if you could actually change the “dental office” stereotype for your patients? Believe it or not, much of this comes through having an effective marketing strategy. (see our solutions for marketing your dental website.) By following some of the instruction provided in this blog, you might just be able to shift that feeling of dreadful anticipation to honest excitement. Their smile matters. Tell them why! Take a look at our recent blog featuring some impressive responsive dental website designs.  Get inspired and start painting the next Mona Lisa!


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