Here at JCI, our team has been hard at work producing some beautiful websites for clients both around the world and in our hometown of Redding, CA. Just in the last two weeks we have launched five sites, for clients from politicians to firemen to law firms. Each of these clients came to us for similar reasons. They were looking for three main things:

  • Modern and responsive design
  • User-friendly (nobody wants to be chained to their web developer for every single change they want to make to their site!)
  • Compatible with mobile and desktop alike

These are cornerstone pieces of every site that we develop. Our goal is always to build a beautiful, responsive site that strongly displays a company’s mission and values, and then empower our clients to hop in the driver’s seat and adjust the site as they see fit. We do what we do best, then give you the tools to make your job easy.

Here’s a look at the sites that we’ve launched recently!

1. Harbert Roofing

Harbert Roofing New Website

Website Design for Residential/Commercial Roofing Business in Redding, CA

The Harbert family has been a NorCal household name for many years. They have a good reputation after multiple generations of hard work, and they needed a website that would display their legacy, as well as their expertise and innovation. Not enough people know that Harbert is the most prominent roofing contractor in the  area. We wanted to display some of the huge projects they’ve done, which we accomplished with drone footage throughout the site.

2. Calvary Monterey

Calvary New Website

Simple and Modern Website for California Church

Calvary Monterey needed a website to display the awesome heart and culture of their church family. The main focus of this project was strategically packaging a lot of content in a simple and clean way. This website has half the amount of pages of their previous site, but the information is still easy to navigate and digest. We love the modern and fun look of the final product. If we were in the Monterey area, we know where we would be going on Sundays!

3. Arthofer & Tonkin Law Firm

Arthofer Tonkin New Website

Website Design for Personal Injury Law Firm

Arthofer & Tonkin is a local law firm specializing in personal injuries. While most sites in this field are filled with graphic car accident pictures and depressing stories, we wanted the feel of this site to be hopeful and optimistic. The partners at Arthofer and Tonkin are truly amazing and humble people that will bend over backwards for their clients. We wanted this site to display that perfectly. 

4. Missy Macarthur

Missy Mcarthur New Website

Website for Shasta County Supervisor Election

Missy Mcarthur is running for Shasta County Supervisor in 2018, and wanted a website that her supporters could look to for information to get involved. Missy has been highly involved in the Shasta County community for years, and we wanted to display her experience and history of positive impact, as well as her vision for the future. This site introduces you to Missy, her excellent qualifications and history, and gives you all kinds of opportunity to jump in and get involved in the election process. 

5. Foothill Fire Protection

Foothill Fire New Website

 Website Design for Multi-Site Fire Protection and Alarm Company

Foothill Fire’s website was long overdue for a refresh. This site had an added layer of complexity as we had to create one site for two companies, and make it a seamless experience between the two. Their new site keeps things simple and unified for their audience, and leads site visitors in the direction of their specific interest. We love how this one turned out.

Final Thoughts

It’s an honor to serve the clients that come through our doors each day. We love seeing a project go from the “idea” phase to a finished product, and we especially love hearing the success stories that our clients share with us after their new website is released to the public! It’s no exaggeration that a good and polished website is essential to the long-term success of your business.

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