Is  self-publishing worth it?

The publishing game has dramatically changed in recent years. Where it used to come down to a few guys in a skyscraper in a big city deciding if your content was worth mass producing, now it's come down to the size of your platform. 




Just a few short years ago, self-publishing was not considered a viable option for any author. The only way to publish a book was to try to get a few guys in fancy suits in a big city to somehow get ahold of your book. Hopefully, you were in the lucky small percent that got their book read and an maybe your book made it into the even smaller percentage of books they actually liked. If you got that far, they might give you an offer to publish your book. At the moment you excitedly signed that contract, you signed all your rights away of the book and it's contents. That book is now theirs. They own it. You don't. Yeah, they'll give you a buck or two off each book that sells and even offer you a higher percentage if you sell the books yourself. But because it's now their book, you have to buy those copies to sell. They tear your book up and edit everything right down to the content itself. Is it even the book you wrote anymore? Hopefully, it still resembles the points you were trying to make.

However, the internet, social platforms and self-publishing platforms like have changed the game for authors. No longer is it about the big guys in the sky, rather it is about the size of your platform. If you have an audience, you can self-publish, keep the rights to your book and it's contents, not to mention make more money! Let's dive into some of the benefits of self-publishing so you decide if it's is worth it.

Benefits of Self-Publishing

  • You Own the Rights. When you publish with a traditional publisher, they own the rights to your book. They can  translate it, sell it wherever they want for whatever price they want. You have no say in it. If it get's translated to say something you weren't meaning to say that could cause you problems, your only option is to buy the rights back for a premium price, especially if that book was a best seller. Self-Publishing allows you to avoid all of those problems. You own the rights to your content. You have control over the editing process, over how it's translated and where it is distributed.
  • Make More Money per Book. Traditional Publishers will give you $1 - $2 per book when they sell it for $12-$15 at least. Self-Publishing allows you more control over the profit margin. You don't have to buy a minimum number of books, so you'll never end up with a garage full of inventory you can't move.
  • You Control the Process. Self-Publishing allows you to control the whole process. You control who you hire for design, content and grammar editing. You control the price, quality of print and distribution.
  • Your Platform Drives Sales. The bigger your platform, the higher your sales will be. It will also make the marketing process that much easier. If you are well known in your industry, have built a following on social media and are already considered an expert in your field, self-publishing a book is definitely the best option for you. You have your own channels for marketing already established. You don't need a publisher to get in the way of what is already working. 

Self-Publishing isn't what it used to be. It is accessible to anyone and everyone. To make your self-published book as successful as it can be, make sure you know all the steps involved in self-publishing.

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