We have all been there before, trying to decide how much we can do on our own before we bring in the experts.  Sometimes it comes down to cash flow, but no matter what, truly knowing if your business needs a brand refresh can be a tricky thing. Rebranding is a complete do-over of your logo and associated materials (as opposed to a logo refresh, which simply alters or simplifies your existing branding). That can be a daunting process and you may not be sure if you want to take that step. There are solutions for your rebranding, and it does not have to be daunting.  The question is this, how do you know if your business needs a rebrand? Keep reading as we will cover 4 indicators that a brand refresh is necessary.

Here are a 4 indicators that your business needs a brand refresh :

1. Your logo is dated

The world of design is a rapidly changing universe. What was trendy ten years ago may be considered boring or even unsightly nowadays. However, having a logo that was created a decade ago doesn’t always mean you need a brand redesign. Some things are always in style (think of the little black dress or a good suit). Take a look at some logos from popular businesses. Does yours fit in? Or does your logo stick out like a bad perm from the 80’s? If you’re not sure, get some advice. You may simply need a branding refresh, instead of a rebrand, or you may be just fine!


2. Your branding is inconsistent

Consistency is a biggie in the world of branding. It helps your clients stay familiar with who you are and it also builds trust. On top of that, consistency is simply just more professional. If you have flyers, stationery, and a logo that look like they belong to three complete different companies, you may want to think about a rebrand. Every company should have a cohesive branding, and that includes not only logo and stationery, but any kind of marketing material your business may use.


3. Your branding was designed by a friend

Unless your friend is a great graphic designer, this usually isn’t a good idea.  Designing a logo is more than putting together some text with an image or drawing a picture. Anyone can be an artist, as art is about self-expression, but logo design requires a good knowledge of business, in addition to being intimately familiar with design principles. A good designer understands how to create a brand that is fresh and professional. A professional branding will say so much about a company to a potential client, and you just may gain new customers.


4. Your branding does not represent your company well. 

A logo is the most important design piece a company can have. It completely represents who the company is, the feeling they want to create, the services they offer. In that light, you wouldn’t expect a logo for a children’s preschool to look like a logo for a retirement home. Does your branding fit your business? One way to find out is to study branding trends in companies that are similar to yours. Do you see a pattern? For example, dentist logos and their associated print-work rarely ever contain red, because the color red is associated with blood and danger. Make sure your branding doesn’t create a negative feeling with your clients!

Final Thoughts: 

So where does your company’s branding stand? Are you still not sure? One of the best ways to know is to get some advice, if you still feel uncertain. Ask friends, ask designers. Ask people you know are willing to be honest with you. Don’t be afraid to step out and bring a breath of fresh air to your business, if you need to. Rebranding your business could be one of the best things you do for your company.


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