To have a successful architecture firm, it has become essential to get your foot in the door and to become known in the community so that people know about you before they need you. You need to be introduced to potential clients before they make their decision of what architecture firm to hire. While it’s important to focus on SEO and having great website design, many firms are creating inbound marketing strategies to grow their architecture firm.

The main difference between inbound marketing and traditional outbound marketing is that inbound marketing focuses on drawing people in with good content rather than interrupting people with billboards or TV ads. Traditional methods don’t work anymore, so architecture firms must embrace the new to be successful in the future.


Here are 3 ways to grow your architecture firm with inbound marketing strategy:


Create Buyer Personas

Inbound marketing helps you to be present in the minds of your ideal customers. The first thing you want to do is create buyer personas for your firm. A buyer persona is simply a detailed description of your target customers that describes their lifestyle, likes, dislikes, and even the roles they have at their job. The first step is to do research to create a detailed profile of the people you want to connect with. This helps create focus for every piece of content that you create so that everything is targeted towards the people you want to connect with. 


Inbound-Marketing-Architecture-FirmStart A Blog

Inbound marketing focuses on creating great content online to draw people in to experience your brand.  Creating a blog with quality content will help you to increase brand awareness and also gives you the opportunity to position yourself as the expert in your industry. Whether you specialize in being environmentally friendly or your modern designs, blogging about the topics you specialize in will create more traffic to your website. This is one way architects, engineers and construction companies can increase rankings on Google. It also will create brand awareness so that you are in the conversation when people are deciding on which firm to hire. 


Make An Inbound Marketing Campaign

One of the main ways inbound marketing helps grow your firm is to build an inbound marketing campaign. Campaigns are the core of inbound marketing. HubSpot defines an inbound marketing campaign as concentrated efforts that align all of your marketing channels around a single offer and goal.  When creating your offer, it’s important to always ask yourself what your buyer persona would want. Your offer should be something that your buyer persona will find valuable and worth downloading. This could be something like an eBook, a video or other educational content. The combination of setting goals, well-defined buyer personas, and quality content are the keys for a successful campaign.


Final Thoughts

The way consumers make decisions has changed and your marketing should reflect that. Having a strong presence online is essential for generating leads because consumers are doing research and reading reviews online before making purchasing decisions. The same goes for the architecture industry. People are doing their research online, comparing architecture firm before deciding who to hire. Not only do you want to be present in the research, you want to stand out and that is exactly what inbound marketing does to help you grow. 



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