If you look back 20-30 years ago, print marketing was the number one way to market your business. Magazines, newspapers, brochures, flyers, you name it, print was a big deal. Now that digital online marketing has come on the scene print has taken a backseat and become less relevant. That is, until recently. Print has been making a comeback in recent years as a viable way to market your business. You can now effectively use print materials as a way to get visitors to your website and as another way to target your buyer personas. 


Stationary Printing Can Solidify Your Brand Identity

There is nothing better than having printed material to solidify your brand identity. A good printing company can help you design and print any stationary materials that you need. Stationary printing includes things like business cards, envelopes, and letterheads which all make your business look polished and professional. Having consistent branding on all of your printed materials as well as your website helps people to easily identify your brand. It gives people assurance that they are on the right website when they see the same logo as they saw on your printed material and vice-versa. Consistency is also key to build trust with your customers.

Don’t Forget What We’ve Learned

Before digital marketing was around, knowing how to effectively use print materials was a great strategy all on its own. While print is making a comeback, it should still just be used alongside your digital marketing plan. If we go back to using print the way marketing used it in the past, we will end up with the same results. Traditional marketing methods don’t work like they used to. Instead of trying to use our print materials to interrupt people with our marketing message we can adapt content marketing and inbound marketing strategies to give our print materials a whole new life. Some larger businesses like Herschel Supply Company are printing bi-annual magazines that communicates their brand identity and also provides readers with content that they love. While printing a magazine isn’t necessarily the right strategy for everyone it is a great example of using content marketing principals in the form of print.

Final Thoughts

Print should be part of the plan, not the entire plan. Using print to compliment your online strategies is a great recipe for success. If you want to use print materials to market your business effectively, start by looking at your buyer personas. Just like all other forms of marketing, having a strong understanding of your buyer personas will give you insight on what kind of print materials might work well for your business. 


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