Create-A-Good-User-ExperienceCreating a good user experience on your website is somewhat of an art and it is the most important factor when designing your website. A good user experience is what takes a website from just looking good, to actually functioning well with the ability to convert people on your website.

There are many ways that website design affects user experience and every website should be focused and making things easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. A good user experience will increase your websites ability to generate leads for your business a also leave people with a good impression about your brand.

Here Are 5 Ways To Create An Amazing User Experience On Your Website:

1. Use Calls-to-Action

Calls-to-action are those little buttons that tell you where to click when you are on a website. They can be used to direct website viewers through the content on your website and just make it easier for people to find what they are looking for. A call-to-action should stand out on the page and tell people where to go next and what they should expect if they click on it. Using action oriented words will encourage people to take action when they are on your website.

2. Keep It Simple

In general, simple website design creates a better user experience. Too much clutter makes it difficult for users to know what content to focus on. Each page on your website should be easy to digest because if you have a lot of text on a webpage, nobody is going to read it. To create a good user experience, simplify your message and the text on each page. If you have a lot that you want to say, find ways to break up the paragraphs with photos.

Mobile-Responsive-Website3. Create A Mobile Responsive Website

Did you know that over half of the traffic online is on mobile devices? According to Similar Web’s State of Mobile Web 2015 report, around 56 percent of consumer traffic to the top US websites is now from mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile responsive than a large amount of people visiting your website are going to have a bad user experience. If your current site is not mobile responsive, find a web design company that will develop one for you. You are likely to be losing sales without it.

4. Use White Space

One of the most important design elements for user experience is whitespace. Whitespace is the negative space on your website where there are no photos, text, or calls-to-action. While this space usually isn’t the first thing you notice when you visit a website, it drastically affects the feeling you get, and it creates a better user experience. If you have ever said to yourself that you want a clean and crisp website for your business, whitespace will be a key to achieve that.

5. Be Aware Of Page Loading Time

There is nothing worse than a website that takes forever to load. Back in the day it may have been acceptable to sit and wait for a webpage to load but not anymore. According to Kissmetrics, 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. You could be losing potential sales simply because your website is slow. The speed at which your webpages load directly affects the user experience, and whether or not visitors stay on your website.

Final Thoughts

To create a good user experience you must design from the user point of view. Good design never compromises the user experience. You can have a beautiful website, but if your customers don't know what to do when they are on the site, the website becomes useless. Your design needs to include all of the necessary elements that support the user experience. Doing this will create a positive experience that your customers will want to tell their friends about. 



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