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The first thing that business owners think when it comes to writing blogs, is that it is time consuming and people won’t read it. This will be the case if your blog has no vision or goals. But, when you come up with a strategic plan for your blog it can become the biggest part of your SEO strategy to get visitors to your website. The goal of you blog should be to attract new website visitors by writing relevant content that your customers will want to read. Any SEO company will say that blogging is a great way to get your website ranking higher on Google.



Here are 7 steps to create a blog for your business:

1. Make A Plan

The main reason people stop blogging is because they didn’t have a solid plan to start with. Businesses need to make sure that they take the time to plan out how many blogs they will write every week, who will be writing them, and who is in charge of managing the blog. It is recommended to write 1-3 blog posts per week, but really it is best to be realistic and to write how many you can be consistent with.

2. Choose A Platform

When you go to create your blog the first decision you need to make is what platform will work best to meet your blogging goals. Whether it is Hubspot, Squarespace, Blogger or whatever, pick the site that you feel will set you up for success. If you don’t know which one to pick it may be a good idea to ask you web developer what will integrate best with your website.

3. Host Your Blog On Your Website

The reason you are starting a blog is to attract people to your website. If you start a blog that isn’t connected to your website your blog won’t help you and there will be little benefit. It may actually take visitors away from your website. Once your blog is created, think of where you would like to have a link to it on your website. The navigation bar would is usually the best place for it.

4. Find Keywords

A good way to think of keywords is to think about the words that your buyer personas are putting into search engines. Using those words and phrases in your blogs will help you to get found online for the things that your buyers care about. This is one direct way your blog can help your website’s SEO and get more traffic from search engines.

Start-A-Blog-For-Your-Business.jpg5. Choose Topics To Write About

Coming up with blog topics can sometimes be the hardest part. It is best done with a friend. Have a brainstorm session with your list of keyword handy to come up with blog titles. If you can use the keywords in the title you blog will optimize even better. Again, think about what people are putting into search engines. For example, if you are a dentist, you may write a blog called “What do I do if I have a tooth ache.”

6. Just Start Writing

The best thing you can do to get started is to get your topic and just start writing. Getting started seems like the hardest part but once you start it will go quickly. Remember, you are the expert on the subject so write educational posts about your industry. This can help people to recognize you as an industry expert as well.

7. Be Consistent

It is important to keep a consistent schedule for your blog. There is nothing worse than visiting a website with a blog that hasn’t been updated for a year. What does that say about your company? Whatever you choose for your goal of posting, be realistic and be consistent. It’s better to post once a month than to post 3 per week but then stop after a month.


Final Thoughts

Starting a blog for your business can seem like a time consuming task, but there are lots of benefits if it’s done well. A great blog is a piece of a solid SEO strategy and will help get you found online. While there is a lot more that contributes to SEO, a blog creates relevant content to drive more traffic to your website and get you ranking better on Google.


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