Have you ever created a new online offer expecting huge results only to have it fall flat? What happened? And your probably wondering how to reach your buyer personas with the offers your have.  This happens a lot for businesses who try to create a content offer without strategically molding them to be attractive to their buyer personas. An offer is anything like an ebook, case study, free trail, or free consultation that you offer online. An inbound marketing company will use offers to generate leads online and also to nurture leads through the sales funnel. Having great offers will not only increase the number of leads you get online but it will help to convert them into sales as well.  Your inbound marketing campaign must include precise buyer personas to help you create offers that work.  Its time we learn how to create offers that will dramatically improve your inbound marketing campaign.





1. Know Your Buyer Personas

Before you try to figure out how to create an offer that actually works, you will need to spend time developing your buyer personas. The more you get know your customers, the more you will know what they want. Creating your ideal buyer persona is different than just having target market information. Most business know their target market, which is made up of more general information like age, location, income. Buyer personas include that information as well, but also go deeper into understanding their roles, goals, motivations, and more. Understanding why your customers do what they do and what is important to them will help you to give them offers that they will want.

2. Make Your Offer Valuable

If people aren't clicking on your offers, it probably means that they don't think they need whatever content is being offered. Your offer needs to add value to your buyer persona and give them something they actually want or need. You want people to have the feeling that they are getting exclusive information that is extremely valuable. 

3. Have A Great Landing Page

When somebody clicks on your call to action to download your offer, you want to take them to a landing page. A landing page is simply a page that explains the offer and has a form to fill out for them receive the offer through their email. This is a great way for businesses to gather information about people and generate leads for your business. A landing page typically doesn't have any other clickable links, only the main call to action to download the offer. The less options people have, the more likely they will be to fill out the form.

4. Use Actionable Language

When you are presenting your offer, always use actionable language how-to-create-an-offerto tell your buyer personas how to get the offer. This will make it very clear what they have to do to get whatever it is that you are offering. Using phrases like 'download this ebook' or 'get your checklist', and any other phrases that inspire action, will increase the number of leads you get. You don't want to go overboard and be too pushy, but a dash of actionable language will create enough urgency to get more people wanting your offer.

Final Thoughts

These 4 things will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your offers, but the success of your offers really hinges upon having a good understanding if your buyer persona. Know matter what industry you are in, you need to know who you are selling to. Just knowing their age and income doesn't cut it anymore. Understanding your buyer personas is the best investment you can make to set your business on the right track for success.


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