The process of building a logo that defines your firm is arguably one of the most important things you will do for your engineering brand. Your logo is face of your brand and the way people will recognize your firm. Although branding goes beyond a logo, having a strong logo design will greatly affect the way people experience your engineering brand. If you are wondering if your firm needs a brand refresh, there are several thing to keep in mind when creating a new logo.

Here Are 3 Ways A Logo Affects Your Engineering Brand:

1. A Logo Is A Point Of Connection

A logo gives people a connection point to your business. Designing a logo takes into accountHow-A-Logo-Affects-Your-Engineering-Brand everything from what you do, your brand personality, to the emotions you want to evoke in people when they see it. It is the visual representation of your business and the way people recognize you. A strong logo makes it easier for people to connect with your brand and creates an invitation to join your community.

When you think of a brand like Apple, almost everybody recognizes their iconic logo. The Apple logo is a visual invitation to connect to the brand. They have a culture or community of people that identify with the brand and the logo. For Example, Apple has created a culture that inspires creativity. In fact, a study done by Grainne Fitzsimons says that people actually performed better on a creativity test when exposed to the Apple logo as opposed to other logos. This study essentially proves that the Apple logo inspires creativity. Amazing! Their logo is a point of connection to their brand and an invitation to their creative culture.


How-A-Logo-Design-Affects-Your-Business2. A Logo Gives Your Brand Personality

A logo is also a great way to express who you are and show your personality. It should encompass who you are and express what you do and what you care about. Brand personality is an important aspect to show through your logo because it is how people can relate to your business. Businesses will often create a set of characteristics that they will express through their logo, website design, and all other marketing material they have.  

An example of this is AirBNB. The AirBNB logo is a combination of three images that each represent something that is important to them; People, Places and Love. These three images are designed into one logo that is in the shape of the letter ‘A’ and also express who they are and their mandate of creating a sense of belonging.


3. A Logo Gives You Credibility

In an industry where credibility is everything, engineering companies must do what they can get create and maintain their credibility. Whether you are a mechanical engineer or an architect, it is crucial to build a strong reputation as a credible business. Your brand is your reputation. Your logo is a visual representation of your company’s core values, vision, personality, and culture. It tells people what you are all about and what to expect when they interact with you. In the engineering industry it is common to see branding for engineering firms done with logos with modern design and a very corporate look. The reason for this is because they want to be seen as reliable and credible.


Final Thoughts

Your logo is the first impression people will have of your firm. It is the first thing consumers see and the icon that helps people to recognize and identify your brand.  When taking the first step of designing your brand's logo, it's helpful to ask questions that help you narrow down the focus of who you are and what is important to you. Find the thing that defines your brand, just as AirBNB has done, wanting people to feel a sense of belonging when they see their logo. Take the time to get it right because the design of your logo affects consumer decision making by creating emotions of trust and reliability.  


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