In order to stay on top of your game in the world of ever-growing fitness businesses, it is crucial for you to use eye-catching and up-to-date graphic design. You need graphic design not only for your fitness logo, but for your branding beyond the logo including your fitness website, marketing collateral, stationery, and whatever else is representing your brand design-wise. Though you may delegate all of that design work to a design agency, you should be in the know about trends in the design world for businesses like yours. This will benefit you in the process of deciding what your brand should be. 


here are 4 basic Fitness Graphic design trends to look out for:


1. Thickness

Thick text, thick lines, solid shapes; all these are very popular components of fitness businesses. This trend is a reference to strength, which is what much of fitness is about! Any thin lines or text is usually used as an accent or to compliment, rather than used as the main component of the designs. However, thinner lines may be chosen for a more nature-inspired or feminine company.

2. Sans-serif Text

Most fitness centers do not stray far from a simple, sans-serif type. This is clean, modern, and again has more of an emphasis on strength and solidness. Occasionally a business may choose a slab serif or more block type font, but these also emphasize strength and are not delicate or organic in any way. Steer clear from scripts or serifed type, unless you have a very specific reason for choosing such a font (i.e. a yoga studio).

3. Color

Color for fitness businesses is pretty wide open. It all depends on what feeling you want to emphasize and who your business is geared towards (e.g. young women, middle age adults, etc.). A more modern business may stick with black, white, and greys, with occasional pops of bright color. A fitness business with more of a hipster feel to it would probably stick to earthy tones and muted warm colors. It is important for you to do a color study on what colors mean, in order to convey the right feeling through your branding. A simple search on your preferred search engine on color meanings should suffice.

4. Photo-driven

Images are powerful. They can motivate us in many ways, which is why many fitness centers are very image driven when it comes to their marketing collateral and on their fitness websites. Having clean, professional photos that feature the interior of your business, as well as your clients, is very beneficial for you. It gives potential clients “the inside scoop” of what’s going on with your business. It may very well help them decide whether or not they want to swing by!


Final Thoughts

With all this being said, you should have a start on what you need to be on the lookout for design-wise. As a parting note; however, the most important thing is to know your brand. This, above all, will guide your graphic design process. With both of these together, you are set up to create a strong and successful brand that reflects who you are and draws people in! 


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