Graphic design is something that fluxes and flows through time. Trends emerge, die, reemerge, and yet some are timeless. Graphic design goes beyond the logo and plays a role in branding. While branding and graphic design have their differences, they should play together. As a CPA, you may be curious as to what is trending in the design world for businesses like yours. This is important, as strong branding, well designed marketing collateral, etc., can be a pivotal key to drawing in new clients. Luckily, the design patterns in the financial world stay fairly steady; however, there may be a few new things you were unaware of previously.

Below are three graphic design trends for CPA's:


This is perhaps one of the most unchanging aspects of graphic design in the world of accounting. The most popular colors are tones of blue, grey, black, white, and sometimes purple, green, or burgundy. The reason these choices often don’t change is based off of color psychology. These colors convey safety, professionalism, trust, steadiness, consistency, and wisdom. To communicate these values to your clients, it is best to stay within those color guidelines, unless a different color is used as an accent shade or for a well thought out purpose.


TypographyCPA Typography

While many financial institutions traditionally stick with a serifed font, nowadays, many of these businesses have been branching out by using sans serifed type. Both types are still quite prominent, it just depends on the feel the business is going for. If a company wants to convey tradition, prestige, and more of a serious tone, the serifed type is the way to go. However, if a company would rather emphasize their modern, sleek, and urban side, they should probably stick with a sans serif. Some businesses include both serifed and sans serifed type, which can emphasize both sides. Decorative and script fonts are rarely ever seen in CPA design, as those fonts are more frilly and fun. Simple definitely is the way to go.





Many accounting logos incorporate both text and an icon. Icons are a powerful branding tool because it gives people an image to associate with a company. CPAs can use this as a valuable resource in branding and marketing collateral. It makes them easily recognizable and remembered. Icon trends for CPAs mostly include letter monograms and abstract shapes or images. Letter monograms help create an icon out of the business name. These generally convey the feeling of whatever type of font is used to create them. A pictorial icon communicates more of a story or concept that the business is wanting to express.


Overall Design Elements

Finally, it is important to know about the general design trends for CPA businesses. Some basic popular elements and traits include:

  • Straight Lines
  • Strong, Simple Shapes like Squares, Triangles, and Circles
  • Flat Design (not creating a 3-D illusion effect with elements like a gradient)
  • Non-Cluttered and Simple Layout
  • Clean and Light Photography 

So generally speaking, graphic design for a CPA business is very clean, professional, and simple. However, just because it is simple doesn’t mean it isn’t effective or that the designs are easy to create. If you are considering branding or creating materials for your business, find a designer you trust to guide the process in the right direction.


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