So, you’ve finally taken the plunge and launched your small business. One of the most exciting parts about being an entrepreneur is seeing your idea taking off and coming to life. However, once the buzz wears off, every small business owner will ask themselves the same question. How do I gain traction for my business? Social Media pages like Facebook are the easiest way to do that and can be a great tool to reach people and get more sales. Most businesses already have a Facebook page, but if you haven’t had time to do it, now is a good time to create a Facebook Page for your business.

When it comes to Facebook, many business owners also ask 'Are Facebook Ads worth it?' Can they really generate more leads? The answer is 'Yes!' Facebook Ads can be a great tool for gaining traction for your business. Learning how to generate leads with social media will help to ensure that you are actually getting leads and not just ‘likes’. With Facebook Ads, you can reach a lot of people, really fast and have the potential to grow your audience on a small budget.


Here are 3 reasons Facebook Ads are worth it:

1.Targeted Audience

The most important thing when it comes to any marketing campaign is that you reach the right people. Facebook ads give you the ability to target the audience of people you want to see your ad. This ensures that the money you are spending will go directly to reaching the people you want to reach. Businesses must spend time to develop their buyer personas to ensure they are targeting the right people.

2. It Is Inexpensive

Facebook-Ads-Like.jpgGenerally speaking, Facebook Ads can be inexpensive to run. When you decide to advertise on facebook with ads, you are in complete control of your budget and you can choose how much you want to spend. It is true that the more you can spend, the more you will reach people. But if you have a small budget, you can still use it to gain traction.

3. Organic Reach Is Declining

Organic reach is a term used to describe the people that you reach on Facebook without spending any money on advertising. Businesses like to focus on organic reach because the people liking your page are generally more likely to convert into customers. However, organic reach has been declining due to more and more content being shared every day, and changes to the ‘News feed’ only showing people what is most relevant to them. As organic reach declines, Facebook Ads become even more important to ensure that your posts are actually being seen.


Final Thoughts

Facebook Ads can be a great tool to gain traction for your business. They can help you to reach your audience without having to go over budget. Businesses can use the information they have about their buyer personas and specifically target the people that are most likely to buy their product. While it is beneficial to get more 'likes', the goal of Facebook Ads is always to convert people into customers.


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