Branding your church is a powerful way to create community and a connection point for people interested in visiting your church. When you brand your church you create a recognizable imagery to inspire people with their vision and values. Your church website is where this happens and where your brand is communicating to people the most.  In this blog we will take a look at 2 churches who have great brands to help you avoid making common mistakes churches make in design. 

Here are 2 examples of Churches Who have Great Branding:

Christus-Gemeinde Duisburg

Christus-Gemeinde-Duisburg-Church-Branding-872019-edited.pngChristus-Gemeinde Duisburg is a church in Germany that desires to empower people into a genuine encounter with God. They came to JCI Marketing for a brand refresh and a new website. They also requested that we include certain pieces of their old logo that have significance to the church. There is a giant ladder in the middle if their city that is an iconic and prophetic symbol in the city. They wanted their logo to incorporate the ladder as a representation of their culture and their agreement with the prophetic destiny of the city.

This is a great example of church branding that connects with a story and a vision. It communicates what they care about and uses an image that everyone in the city would recognize. Branding should tell your story and point your church in the direction of its destiny. This is a powerful logo that does just that.


Cornerstone-Church-Branding-Example-624135-edited.pngCornerstone Church

Cornerstone Church is a wonderful church that is passionate about being a house for God’s presence. While the logo was a big part of it, this project shows how branding goes beyond just a logo. Their brand is communicated on their website through, the logo, copy, and even the photos used on the site. All of these things together, among other thing communicate their values and their vision.

When creating a brand for your church you want to communicate your values and your vision. It is also a good idea to think about your church body and to create a brand that they can relate to. In this case the brand communicates their desire to be a house for God’s presence, while also being present in their community.



Final Thoughts

Once you have created your brand it is a good idea to also update your church website. Having a website that matches your branding creates a cohesive brand strategy. This is just one of the many reasons why your church needs a website



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