There may be many reasons why your church needs a website. The most common reason is that you want people to reach more people and attract more visitors. Websites are a great tool to do that. Unfortunately, there are several mistakes churches often make when designing their websites that keep them from achieving their goals. Most often it is with website design. Let's look at 2 church websites that were designed with specific goals and executed well. Here are a couple incredible church website examples, and we are proud of the websites we made for them.


Epicentre-West-LA-Web-DesignEpicentre West LA

We recently just launched this website for a church on the west side of Los Angeles called Epicentre West LA. Their goal was to create a website that functioned as a place for church members to find media content and for visitors to connect with them. The church is largely made up of people in their 20s that are young and vibrant. These people are amazing and we did our best to put that on display for everyone to see on their church website.

In order to meet their goals to attract new visitors, we incorporated photos that would create a sense of excitement and community. Photos play a huge part in how a website looks and feels so we chose engaging-vibrant colors as well as pictures of people. When choosing photos for your website it’s always a good idea to focus on communicating your values and show people what they can expect when they come to your church.

Antioch-Norman-Church-Website-ExampleAntioch Norman

Here is another website for a church out in Norman, Oklahoma called Antioch Norman. This church has an amazing culture of family that gets together to experience the presence of God with a big value for scripture. This is an amazing church. Their goals were to create a simple website that looked and felt fun, warm and inviting. They also want to attract new visitors making the feel invited and giving them all the information they would want to know. All this with a simple minimal design. 

The use of white space was really important when creating this website to keep it looking simple. This site holds a lot of information but is not overwhelming when you look at it. Whenever you are designing a website, remember that white space is your friend. Because this website is geared towards attracting new visitors, we created lots of different connection points throughout the site. We thought about the user experience for somebody checking out the church for the first time. Generally speaking, there will be certain types of information that they will look for such as, services times, address, video or podcasts of sermons, and the vision of the church. We made these pages easily accessible to create a great user experience for potential visitors.

Final Thoughts

A church website is a fantastic tool for attracting new people, communicating your vision, and giving people a place to connect. Web design plays a crucial role in whether you achieve your goals or not. Many churches use social media but a church website has now become an essential, and needs to be part of every church's marketing plan. 


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