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Flyers are a great way to use print to market your business but unfortunately there are common design mistakes you can make if you are not careful. Using a printing company can eliminate some these problems. Flyers can be a great compliment to your online marketing strategy and are another way that you can get more visitors to your website. However, there are certain design elements you need to be careful of in order to create an effective flyer. Make sure that your marketing strategy both offline and online is consistent with who you are and with who you are trying to reach.We typically recommend you to focus understanding who your ideal customer is by spending time developing your buyer personas. Once you have spent the time of getting into the head of your ideal customer, your messaging will be consistent and more effective. 



Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of printing flyers:

Do Keep It Simple

The simpler you can keep the design and message of your flyer the better. It should be able to pass the 3-second-test. Where someone should be able to know the company name, the message of the flyer, and the call to action all within 3 seconds of looking at it. Remember, whitespace is your friend. Use clear and precise messaging and uncluttered design and you will get a better response rate.

Do Think Of Your Buyer Personas

This is true for any piece of marketing material that you make. You should always focus on your buyer personas so that your flyer and its content will be appealing to them.  A buyer persona goes more in depth than target market research by creating a profile of your ideal customer. This profile helps determine the roles, goals, and motivations these people have in their life so that your marketing material will actually connect with them on a personal level.

Do Have A Call To Action

Before having your flyers printed you should have a clear understanding of the desired outcome with your clients. Whatever it is that you want them to do, you need to include a call to action. A call to action, along with simple design, will make it very clear what the message is and what you want them to do. It tells people what they need to do to receive the offer from the flyer.

Don’t Try To Say Too Much

Generally in marketing, if you try to say too much, you end up saying nothing. The same applies for print. If you try to cram as much text in as possible to fill up every bit of whitespace, you will end up with a flyer that nobody wants to read. To get the best results, think of one simple and concise message and say that including your call to action.

Don’t Forget The Details

It happens more than you would think that thousands of flyers are printed only to find out that you forgot the most important information. Think about all the information someone would need if they were reading the flyer. If you’re making a flyer for event, make sure to include the location, time and ticket price. If it is intended to send people to your website, include your website URL. It sounds silly and obvious until it happens to you and your stuck with thousands of flyers that you can’t use.

Don't Use Low Quality Paper

Just like with your business cards the type of paper you print on make a huge difference in both the design and the perception of your flyers. If you use the cheapest paper that you can, you will end up with a flyer that feels cheap when you hold it. The last thing you want is for people to perceive your brand a low-quality because you used cheap paper. Adding thickness to your paper adds a prestigious feeling and attention to detail that will be associated with your brand. For a flyer, you don’t have to go crazy with the thickness of the paper, just don’t use the lowest quality.

Final Thoughts

The best thing you can do to start the process of getting flyers printed for your business is to develop your buyer personas. This will help you make quality content that is targeted directly for your ideal customers. Targeted content gets a much higher response rate than generalized content because it focuses on the things that your buyer personas actually care about. If you haven't made buyer personas for your business, the time is now to get started.


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