Think about the last time you bought a product or service that completely exceeded your expectations and made you feel special. Did you recommend it to your friends after? Or go back another time to buy again? Companies who have embraced inbound marketing have also embraced the practice of delighting customers. These days you can have a great responsive website and an eye-catching logo, but if you neglect the customer experience, you may be losing sales. The focus is now on the customer.


What Does It mean To Delight Your Customers?

It’s becoming more and more important for brands to delight their customers and give them a positive experience interacting with your brand. Delighting your customers means that you make them feel special and cared for by exceeding their expectations. This is different than customer satisfaction, which is a more commonly used term. Customer satisfaction means that business are doing just enough to meet expectations while customer delight is about surprising them by exceeding them. Businesses can delight their customers in lots of ways depending on the industry and your buyer persona.

Delighting-CustomersDelighting Customers Creates Brand Ambassadors

Most small business owners will say that they get a lot of thier business from referrals and word of mouth advertising. In fact, 85% of small businesses get customers through word of mouth according to a study done by Small Business Trends. The best way to create word of mouth advertising and get referrals is to delight your customers. This goes for any business in any industry. If you can create a positive experience for your customers and give them a way to share that experience with others, you will get more people telling their friends to buy your product. This is how your customers become ambassadors of your brand.


Don’t Forget About After The Sale

Businesses often spend a lot of time focusing and studying the process someone takes to eventually buy their product. This process is called the buyer’s journey. While that information is very important for understanding your customers, the period of time after a sale is made is often neglected. What have you done to delight your customers since they bought your product? Delighting customers is when you go above and beyond their expectations and you can do this in lots of different ways. Many product-based companies have actually started to send small gifts to their loyal customers while service businesses are staying close to their customers and checking in on their service more often.


Final Thoughts

Delighting your customer is something all businesses should do. It is an essential piece to every inbound marketing campaign. Inbound marketing focuses on turning strangers into brand ambassadors, and delighting your customers is a great way to do that. If this is something your business has been putting off, the time is now to start making your customers feel special.


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