These days, the businesses that succeed are the ones that go above and beyond the status quo to ensure that their customers are happy. If you are not sure what it means to delight customers, now is the time to learn how. Delighting customers is no longer just the ‘cherry on top’, it needs to be the plan and focus from the very beginning. To turn a stranger into a brand ambassador, businesses must go above and beyond in every interaction they have with their customer. This is what the goal of inbound marketing is, and why your business needs inbound marketing in order to succeed. 


To ensure that using each interaction to delight your customers, ask yourself these questions:


Are you answering their questions?

Before someone becomes a customer, they go through a process of identifying what their problem or need is. This is the beginning of the buyer’s journey. Typically, the first place someone will go to find answers to their questions is the internet. A lot of businesses just wait to answer questions until an unhappy customer writes a bad review, or they tweet about their unhappiness. While it is a good idea to monitor those things, that is more disaster control than creating customer delight. Take a proactive approach to show that you understand the person’s problem or need even before they have purchased your product. This will ensure that your customers are being delighted every step of the way through the buyer’s journey.


How well are you solving their problem?How-To-Delight-Customers.jpg

Once a person has done research and identified what their problem is, they will start to look for a product or service that will solve it for them. This is where you can carry on the conversation from not just answering questions, but showing your solution. If you are not doing a good job at solving their problem, your product will be dismissed during the research when products are compared. Again, this is an opportunity to delight your customer by making it easy and fun for them to use your product.


Are you helping them reach their goals?

If your business hasn’t identified its buyer personas, you should go do that right away. A buyer persona is a profile of your ideal customers that gives you insight into their lifestyle, goals, and motivations. Your customers will be delighted, and more likely to recommend your product to their friends, if you are helping them achieve their goals. Position your business as a necessary tool for them to succeed, keeping the focus always on your customer.


Final Thoughts

Delighting your customers has become more and more important as the way people search for products has changed. People make buying bases upon what they hear people saying about certain products. Many businesses focus only on the end result and forget about delighting their customers through every interaction. Getting positive reviews is important to be successful, and should be thought of every step a person takes through the buyer’s journey. Having happy customers is one of the biggest reasons your business needs inbound marketing.



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