Welcome to dreamland. 

When designing a website for your dental practice, let your creative juices flow. Enter into the process with excitement, recognizing the opportunity to build something that captures the essence of your practice. Start dreaming. Then begin researching who might be able to bring your dreamland to life. After all, no one knows you better than you.

Finding your "right fit." It may feel like a game of hide and seek right now, so read on and we will lay out some of the characteristics of the web design agency you have been looking for. 



The web design agency you choose for your dental practice should be the "right fit." 


The truth is, no one's "right fit" is exactly the same. This is precisely why it is so important to know your dental practice's unique needs. However, in a sea of competing web design agencies, there are some characteristics that are absolutely essential. Ensure the one you hire meets the standards provided below and you will be on your way to boosting patient numbers and maintaining happy clientele.


Have an in-house SEO.

The team should understands the importance of localized SEO in determining the success of your dental practice. In other words, make sure the agency is not simply routing all SEO needs to coders and designers alone. They often have less understanding of current SEO trends as that is not their primary role.  A full service marketing Agency will be ideal to handle your needs with the integration of SEO on your website.


Recognize the importance of content strategy.

Content strategy goes beyond the role of SEO. Google is no longer looking at key words alone when optimizing web results. Rather, it is looking for key sentences and meta tags that present a clear, concise, and relevant description of your dental practice. Content matters. 


Maintain a consistently clean and modern aesthetic.

Take a look at their portfolio. Is the visual design uncluttered, sleek, and orderly? Is the content structuring straightforward or do you feel like you are chasing a mouse trail? Ease of user experience will evoke certain emotions from the visitors to your site. It is essential, therefore, that you communicate the right emotions through visual design and navigation.


Be in tune with your brand and seek a "team effort."

Web design agencies often garner a certain aesthetic over time; however, they should still be in tune with what your specific dental practice is about. Since the project manager is going to be your key point of contact, ensure that this person is flexible and understanding. He/she should have open ears to not only hear your feedback but implement it as well.


Provide Ease of Website Upkeep.

Nothing is worse than an out-of-date dental website that ages you immediately. And, if you are not careful, you may end up with a static website that leads you right here. Website design is not a one-and-done deal. Consider the future now by ensuring the agency uses a platform that is user-friendly and apt for easy upkeep on your end.



Final Thoughts

If done correctly, the process of choosing the right web design agency and creating a new site should bring you a refreshed and/or deeper understanding of what your dental practice is all about. In this place of fresh perspective, allow yourself some wiggle room for your own future creative positioning. For a look at some inspiring examples of dental websites, read our recent blog post here


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