We live in a world that is alive with vastly intricate colors. Not only that, but each color triggers certain feelings and have certain associations that people pair them with. With that being said, when you are branding your dental practice, color can make or break your logo. So, what things should you be aware of when choosing logo colors for your practice?

Branding Your Dental Practice

When it comes to picking colors for a dental website, the most crucial question to ask is, “What feeling am I trying to create?” Your logo will most likely be the first impression you get to make on a potential patient. Will the colors evoke an emotion that will draw them in? As a dentist, you most likely want to convey feelings of trust, friendliness, professionalism, caring, and tranquility. Or, if perhaps you are a pediatric dentist, you will also want to appeal to children through feelings of fun and happiness. These kind of questions should always be the first in the process.

Now, you may be wondering, “How do I pick the right color to evoke all those complex emotions?” The first step is to do a color study to become familiar with the certain feelings or things often associated with each one.

Here is a simple list to start off with:

  • Red: Danger, blood, passion, heat, speed, romance
  • Orange: Fun, joy, creativity, encouragement, hunger
  • Yellow: Sunshine, happiness, cheerfulness, caution
  • Green: Nature, life, finances, peace, renewal, freshness
  • Blue: Peace, tranquility, trust, wisdom, stability, sadness
  • Purple: Nobility, mystery, luxury, creativity, peace, magic
  • White: Clean, purity, simplicity, bland, professional, peace
  • Grey: Corporate, trust, professional, emotionless, moody
  • Black: Professional, sleek, sexy, death, mystery, simplicity

In going over this list, you may now realize why most dentist's logos are not red! And even if it is, it will perhaps be a more subdued shade of burgundy. Bright reds scream danger and blood, which are far from peaceful. 

So just to give you a general idea of what to consider, popular color choices for dental practices are shades of green and blue because they are fresh, peaceful, trustworthy, and professional. Other popular colors are grey, black, and white because they are neutral and professional. Pediatric dentists may select a more vibrant logo palette to appeal to children’s love of bright colors. Any exception to these options must be chosen with great care and specific purpose. 

With all this in mind, selecting colors for your dental practice branding should be much less daunting. If you have any doubts, ask an experienced designer that you trust. They should be able to clear up any questions you may have. 


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