When it comes to marketing your business, there are many things to keep in mind. Things like your branding, SEO, and even understanding the ways website design affects user experience, all have a significant impact on the success of your business. Marketing agencies are here to help. If you're a small business (or even a large organization), you are probably looking for guidance on how to tackle your marketing challenges. We've worked with all kinds of companies, and everyone has questions about what the best solution is for their situation. Here's five reasons why working alongside a full service marketing agency will set you on the right foot. 

Here Are 5 Reasons Why A Full Service Marketing Agency Is Best For Your Business: 

1. Consistency in Marketing 

One of the most important things for your business to have is consistent marketing across all of the platforms you are using.  This means consistency in branding, tone of voice, and even the graphics you choose for your website.  Many companies focus on committing themselves to consistency, but over time distractions begin to pile up and become roadblocks to staying on track.  It can look many ways for different reasons, rushing your final product because you're running out of time, perhaps your team is overloaded and those blog posts become sidelined. It is discouraging when you know your marketing and sales needs to be consistent but you've not made it a priority. 

Don't become discouraged, you know that your marketing and sales efforts help your business succeed. Begin to take the steps to develop consistency again in your company with an organized plan and clearly outlined goals. It is a beautiful thing when a business is congruent in all of their marketing efforts and it make your business more recognizable to potential customers. 

full-service-marketing-agency2. Work With Marketing Experts

Full-service marketing agencies typically have groups or people who specialize in all the different areas of marketing you need for your business. They spend the majority of each day working in their specific field, and they are knowledgeable and efficient in that space.  Whether you need a new logo design or mobile responsive website design, or are thinking of starting your inbound marketing strategy, choosing an experienced full service marketing agency 

Quick tip: Ask to meet the experts in the areas of service the agency provides. Meeting the experts will reassure you that this agency really can do everything they promise.  With a full service marketing agency, everything is under one roof and you don't have to worry about connecting all the dots.

3. Measurable Results

Have you ever spent a bunch of money implementing a marketing plan only to not really know how effective it was? Marketing plans are not helpful unless you can measure the results. Before you begin implementing your strategy, make sure that you have some type of method of tracking the metrics you are targeting, and then continue to review your data as you continue going forward.  You need to know which strategies are working and which are not. No more just waiting and hoping what you are doing is working. Hope is not a marketing strategy. Measurable data and knowledge of your customers is necessary to create effective marketing. It is insane to continue to do the same things over and over again expecting new results.  Not joking, thats the definition of insanity.  Begin to understand what your goals are, and create your plans going forward.  It is important to have consistency in your plan of attack... we will cover that shortly.  However; a marketing agency can provide this stability for you, so that you only spend your marketing budget on plans that work and get you the results you want.  

Inbound-Marketing-Agency4. Stay Current With Marketing Trends

The world of marketing has changed a lot in the last few years. If you have stepped away from understanding what is currently happening, then you may be thinking marketing has not shifted.  Gone are the days of putting up a giant billboard in the middle of town and waiting for the sales to pile in.  Especially if that is the only method that you are using. What's more important now is creating great online content that draws people in answering the questions your customers are asking. This is called inbound marketing. When you hire a marketing agency, you get a team of experts who know the trends in the world of marketing.  Depending on who you are and what you need, begin to start doing your own research and get a base understanding of what is needed for you to succeed. 

Quick Tip: Make sure the agency you hire uses the Inbound Methodology and not just traditional, outbound marketing methods

5. You Save Time and Money

There are two choices, hire in house staff that can run your marketing strategy, or you can hire a full service marketing agency.  When setting up your own marketing plan, there are a few things to be aware of. Yeah, it is very nice to have your own employees so you can manage their time and pay at a rate that is suitable for your company.  There are a lot of costs required when developing your own marketing department, think about all the time and money you can save by not having to buy all the systems and train a new employee to run them efficiently. By hiring an inbound marketing agency, you put everything under one roof and essentially have one contact person for everything to do with your marketing. Full-service marketing agencies will have not only done this process repeatedly, but they have become experts in their field.  Salary.com estimates hiring a Marketing Manager including benefits will cost an organization roughly $120,000 in the USA.  It also estimates the annual cost of hiring an inbound marketing agency around $48,000.  


There may be something appetizing about having your own personal marketing manager in house, the benefits of having their complete attention towards your organization.  If there is this hint of you needing control over them, you need to release that ASAP.  Unless your an expert in the field, you should not be micro managing this area.  If you think about it, it not only will cost you more to hire an in house Marketing Manager, but it will be very difficult to find that one employee that will be an expert in each field that you need attention given.  With a full service marketing agency, not only do they have specialists in each skill set required for quality execution of your strategy.  But a professional agency team is fully qualified with each service and it is not on your dime for them to become educated and qualified with new technology and changes.  

It is quite clear to see that hiring a marketing staff is not the ideal choice.  Unless you are willing to spend 2-3 times the cost of one marketing manager to include the costs of other employees, software and services, it is quite obvious a full service marketing agency is the best option for your needs.



Final Thoughts

Whether you are ready for a full marketing overhaul or you just need a logo, the expertise full-service marketing agencies give you are the flexibility to use more of their services as your business grows. Knowing what your business goals are can help determine what level of service you need now and what you might need down the road. While you may only need some graphics or a website right now, you might realize an Inbound Marketing strategy will take your business to a whole new level and you can plan for that down the road with the same agency that created your website, which will save time and money. Inbound Marketing is the ideal refreshing structure to market your potential clients, they are delighted and become evangelists for your company in the end.  Make your customers not only satisfied, but watch how vocal they become about how well you served them.  Make sure the Marketing Agency you choose abides by the Inbound marketing methodology, you will be glad you did.

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