Branding your construction company is one of the most important things you will do for your business. Your brand is what people think about you before, during and after they interact with you. While you can do this with great logo design, it is far more beneficial to go deeper. Your brand is your reputation. It is all about building the perception of who you are in the minds of your customers and telling them who you are. The construction industry is highly competitive and it is essential to build a strong reputation that people will trust to get the job done. Whether you are starting from scratch, or getting a brand refresh, it is important to take the time to create a strong brand that your customers will recognize.


Here are 5 tips for branding your construction company:

Branding_Your_Contstruction_Business_Logo.jpg1. Branding Is More Than A Logo

While your logo is the visual icon that people recognize it is just a piece of your branding. Branding goes beyond your logo. Your brand is your promise to your customers. It is the perception people have and the emotions they feel when they interact with your brand. To successfully brand your construction business, it is important to go further than just creating a logo. Your logo, colors, and fonts are all important, but it’s also important to think about the intangible things like your brand promise, personality, and your customer’s perception of who you are.

2. Make Your Offer Clear

In the construction industry there are many different areas you can specialize in. Whether it’s residential or commercial construction, larger or small scale jobs, remodeling, or a specific type of fabrication, you want to clearly communicate what it is that you do. Its important that you tell your customers what you do so that there is no confusion about what you offer. It also helps you with SEO and helps you to stand out as an expert in a certain field, to get an edge over the competition.


Branding Your Construction Company3. Know The Construction Industry And Your Audience

It is crucial for construction companies to know who their target customers are and how their business fits in the industry. The most common concerns customers have when hiring construction companies are whether they are trustworthy and the quality of their work. You can influence the way customers see your company by having modern website design and by focusing on your brand positioning. Brand positioning takes your knowledge of the industry and understanding of what customers want, and communicates that through your brand. This is important because it tells people where you fit in an industry with lots of options to choose from. Many companies create positioning statements that guide their decision making as a business. Whether you do this or not, consumers will decide where to position your brand. Taking a proactive approach can influence the perception of your construction company in your customer’s eyes.

4. Stand For Something

Great brands have a cause or belief that they stand for. This cause is woven into their business plans not because they hope it will bring in more revenue, but because they believe in it. This doesn’t mean just sponsoring an event or giving donations away, it means that your company believes in something so much that they want to make a difference and be known for how much they care. It's good to stay away from political issues that could cause controversy, but to still choose a cause to stand for. It could be partnering with a non-profit organization or an issue that you are passionate about that relates to your business.  A great example of a brand doing this is Caterpillar, who stand for sustainability through everything that they do.

Branding-Your-Construction-Company-Website.jpg5. Show Some Personality

The construction industry can be pretty cut and dry with companies focusing so much on telling people about how long they have been in business or how great their reputation is. Adding some personality to your construction website can help you stand out from your competition. Now, this doesn’t mean sacrificing professionalism and saying that you’re the next kick butt construction company with a whole bunch of hype. It means that you show a little bit of who you are to make your brand feel more personable and relatable to your customers. We built a site for Stream Construction that does a good job showing their personality while remaining professional.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to keep in mind when branding your construction company. It goes way beyond simply making a logo. In the construction industry, your reputation is a big deal and branding allows you to begin creating that reputation. A quick way to see what people think of you is to look at online reviews. This is why Yelp is important for your business because you can see and manage your brand reputation online. Once you have your branding all finished, the next step is to make a website and show it off to everybody. 


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