Marketing-Your-Charter-School.jpegEffective marketing is essential for charter schools to be successful. You need to find ways to connect with people that fit the mold for what your school is about and then also convince them to enroll.

Great marketing will also allow you to showcase your school’s reputation as well as what students will experience if they were to attend the school. Whether you are trying to increase your school’s enrollment, or find more students that are the right fit, an effective marketing plan can help you with that.  We have some thoughts on how you can improve your marketing right now for your school.  


Here Are 5 Tips For Effectively Marketing Your Charter School:

Invest in a website

Your school website is the most important touch point you have with your potential students.  It needs to show potential students what they can expect if they attend your school. When someone comes to your website to find information about your school, the photos and design should draw them into the experience they will have when they attend the school.

Communicate a clear message

To find people who will be great candidates for your school you must clearly communicate the message of what your school is all about. You don’t want to try to be all things to all people, in fact, that is the very thing that will water down your message. Determine what your school is all about and create language around that concept so that it is easily communicated and memorable in the minds of your target market.

Marketing-Your-Charter-School-Online.jpegCreate brand ambassadors

One of the best ways to market your school is through word of mouth advertising. This is done by creating brand ambassadors. Inbound marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on converting strangers into leads and eventually into customers and them advocates for your brand. These people are invaluable to your marketing because people are much more likely to listen to their friends than they will listen to you.


Use a full service marketing agency

Hiring a full service marketing agency is a great way to get everything you need under one roof. You also get marketing experts helping you to determine your marketing message and communicate it clearly and effectively to potential students. Many full service marketing agencies will offer inbound marketing as a service that will help you effectively market your school online

Figure out your brand

In order to have a strong marketing plan, you first need to have a solid brand for your school. By determining your brand, you will create guidelines for your marketing materials, website, and even the tone of voice that you use to communicate. The most important thing with your school's brand is that it is consistent in everything that you do. Every touch point that you have with potential students is an opportunity to show potential students your culture and get them excited about attending your school. 

Final Thoughts

To effectively market your charter school, you need to create a plan that will connect you to your buyer personas. The more you know about potential students and the people that would be interested in a school like yours, the easier it will be to find ways to connect with them online. Inbound marketing helps you create your buyer personas and also helps you to connect with them by creating content online that will draw them into your school’s website.



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