Creating a logo is more than simply typing out a company name and pairing it with a picture or a graphic. There is so much that goes into cooking up a logo. As so, it needs to be approached with caution and care, since this is one of the biggest marketing pieces for a business. So whether you are a business owner looking to brand your company or a designer looking for some tips for designing logos, these five tidbits of advice should help you get going in the right direction.


1.Identify Your Audience

Who is this logo geared towards? This plays a huge part in how the logo is designed, the style it’s designed in, even down to the type of font that used. For example, a logo that is geared towards young mothers will be quite different from one for medical professionals. Know your audience, and identify what they relate to. 


2. Sketch It Out

When designing logos, some people may be tempted to go straight to the computer with their ideas. Sometimes though, there is a huge difference between the way things look in people’s head and the way it looks on paper. However, if you allow yourself to sketch out ideas and variations, often times you’ll surprise yourself with a great concept you hadn’t thought of before. Additionally, don’t worry about your drawing skills. This is about getting your ideas out, not creating a masterpiece.


3. Use References

This is a fine line to walk; however, a necessary one. Copying or using large portions of someone else’s logo is plagiarism. But as in any profession, the best way to become great at what you do is to learn from people who are great at what they do. Studying logos and graphic design on a regular basis will not only keep you up to date on current trends (and cliches), but it can also spark ideas if you’re stuck in a rut.


4. Don’t Become Too Attached

Nearly all creative people have, at some point in their lives, become overly attached to a bad, unpopular, or mediocre idea. As a graphic designer, there will most likely be many people involved in the feedback process. You can count on having some ideas changed or even completely discarded in logo development. Strive to find the balance between loving the idea enough to put your heart into it, but flexible enough to discard it if necessary. 


5. Get Feedback

Even if you are creating a logo for your own business, feedback is crucial for creating a logo. Your client is usually more than willing to offer up their opinion, but also seek the advice from other designers as well. They may spot something you may have missed (such as spelling), or may notice something cool, like an image in negative space.

Final Thoughts:

So there you have it! While there are endless other pieces of advice that could be discussed, these five logo design tips should help you get going in the right direction. Happy branding! 



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