SEO-Tips-For-Law-Firms.jpegMarketing has changed, and so has the way law firms do marketing and generate leads. SEO has become one of the most important factors for law firms to get found by potential leads online and for converting leads online.

The way that law firms get leads online is by successfully executing SEO strategies and by creating an online presence that makes it easy for people to find them. Generating leads through online sources is essential for law firms to grow and to get new clients in such a competitive industry. Every SEO strategy starts by having a great responsive website for your law firm that will be a hub of all information for your firm.    

Here Are 5 SEO Tips For Law Firms:


1. Do Keyword Research

The first step to take when starting an SEO campaign for your law firm is to research keywords. This helps you to understand more the words and phrases people are typing into search engines that are relevant to your law firm. Through this research you can identify the most popular keywords that are commonly used and which ones you could potentially capitalize on. The most commonly used phrases are usually quite competitive to rank for, so it is beneficial for law firm to do research of the keywords within a niche market, so that they are targeting their customers directly, and have less competition.


2. Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

It is well-known that Google has started to prioritize mobile-friendly websites over non-friendly ones. This means that if your law firm has an old website that isn’t optimized for mobile devices it will probably affect your ranking on search results. In order to generate leads and do well at marketing your firm online, you first need to have an updated mobile responsive website. If you are curious about how mobile friendly your website actually is, Google has a mobile friendly test you can run to see if your website meets their requirements of a mobile friendly website.  


SEO-TIPS-FOR-LAW-FIRMS3. Optimize Your Website

Once you have a website that is mobile friendly, it is important that you also optimize it. This means that you are creating a great user experience that is really easy and smooth, so that you can convert more people on your site. You can do this by making sure the navigation is simple and that all of your information is easy to find, like your phone number and address. One quick way you can help to optimize your website is to create individual pages for each of your services with at least 300 words on them. This will help you to rank on search results specifically for each service.


4. Create Great Website Content

Another important factor for SEO is the frequency that you have new content on your website. Many businesses and law firms achieve this by creating a blog on their website that is updated regularly. Every time a blog is posted, it creates a new page on your site with new content and that tells Google that your website is constantly being updated regularly. The copy on each page is important for ranking on Google, and is a great place to use the keywords that you have researched.


5. Use Pay Per Click Ads

Using pay per click ads is a great way to get quick results from your SEO campaign. In fact, according to Power Traffic “The top 3 paid advertising spots get 46% of the clicks on the page.” With PPC you can target specific customers and determine which keywords are working to get people to your website. While pay per click ads are a great way to get quick results, it should be done alongside your SEO campaign to get the best results.


Final Thoughts

In order to compete against all of the other law firms in your area, you need an effective SEO strategy and a strong online presence. The first place people will go to look for information is online and they will use search engines to find what law firms are close by, and which ones are able to provide the services they are looking for. If you don’t have an SEO plan yet, now is the time to connect with an SEO firm to start getting found online.



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