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Ranking on Google is only half the battle of winning online. However, it's the tool that tells you whether or not what you are doing is working. SEO for construction companies is important for having any success online. Why? Because your website is your store front. Most construction companies don't have a huge office in a highly shopped location that people just walk into. Most consumers or businesses looking for a construction company find one by referrals and/or online research. This is just an introduction to SEO but knowing how SEO can increase your company's rank on Google  or any other search engine will greatly increase your reach.


Here are 3 Ways Increase Your Construction Company's Rank On Google:


1. Know What Keywords You Want To Rank For

One of the 3 ways to increase your construction company's rank on google is Keywords.  Keywords are what SEO is based off of. It's the foundation to all online marketing. If you don't know what keywords your company is ranking for or wants to rank for, this is the best place to start. Do some research, get an analytics tool like Google Analytics and start tracking what keywords people are typing in that leads them to your site. Next, find out what you want to rank for. If your construction company specializes in homes vs corporate buildings, then make sure you have keywords around home construction.  Finally, input those keywords into a tracking system that will help you see your progress. Google has great tools for this that are free. 


2. Create Content Around Those Keywords

Once you've figured out the keywords you want to rank for, you need content to help you do that. Google has a "spider" that crawls through your website to find relevant content to what people are searching for. There are a lot of rules,things to avoid and SEO Myths when creating content. However, the basics are simple. Make sure whatever keyword you want to rank for, you have relevant content around that keyword written somewhere on your site that makes sense. For example, if you do construction for small office buildings, you should have a section on your website that talks about the different types of projects you do. The content should include the keywords you want to rank for as well as good information about that topic. Quick Tip: Make sure to use your keywords in alt tags and descriptions for your images on your site. That will help you rank when people search for images using those keywords.


3. Create Inbound Links To Your Website

Inbound links give you more authority on search engines. When people link to your website or blog from their blog, social post or anything else on the web, it is called an inbound link. The more you have, the more authority you're given which inturn increases your ranking on search engines.  You can grow inbound links by reaching out to other bloggers in your industry that have high follower volume and ask them to be a guest blogger on your blog. You can also submit an article to other bloggers or online magazines to see if they will post it on their site. Each of these will create more inbound links which gives you more authority on google. Overall this constant theme through your website will help increase your company's rank on google with SEO.


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