The world of Dentistry can be a balancing act when it comes to nailing the perfect website. There are so many factors and so many different ways to present yourself that it can be a bit of a daunting task. Often times people are reluctant to go to the dentist because of the stigma or because of bad experiences from other practices. The question when approaching your new Dental site is “how do we set ourselves apart from the ‘norm,’” or “how do we make people feel that we are warm and inviting while still remaining professional and trustworthy?” These are all important questions. Instead of it being a process that is dreadful, allow it to be something that is fun and a chance to be creative.  Whether you are wanting some ideas or just curious to the keys to a great website, we have some examples  that should inspire you.

Here are a few examples of Responsive Dental Website Designs we've done at JCI to inspire you!


#1 Shoff Orthodontics

Dental Website Example

This is one of our favorite dental website design examples because its extreme visual presence and level of professionalism. From the very beginning when you visit Shoff Orthodontics, you know who the site is about and that there is a high level of experience behind the brand. There is a very easy to navigate structure to the site with multiple ways to access important information. The home page is laid out in a very intelligent way with giving most of the information you would need to know at glance and setting the patient up to schedule their appointment by the time they reach the bottom of the page. Because this site is responsive, all of this can be done from a mobile device and looks just as good as the desktop version of the site.  

#2 Children’s Dentistry


With a URL appropriately named, Children’s Dentistry is a great site for its niche clientele. Focusing on kids, the site offers warmth and fun characters that kids love. The overall tone of the colors are very soft yet vibrant. One of the things that is fantastic is that there are pictures of kids sitting in the actual procedural rooms grinning from ear to ear and showing that going to the dentist can be fun. The information throughout the site is concise yet very informative. While this site is simplistic it presents the elements needed for a kid to feel safe while giving the parents a chance to feel at ease with the degree of professionalism that is given within the written content. This is a site that a child would look at and say “I want to go there!”  Again, this is a resposive web design so it looks just as amazing on a mobile device.


#3 Hawley Orthodontics


One of the things that screams dental success are the descriptive words “clean” and “white.” Hawley Orthodontics is a great dental website inspiration because of its use of white space and the very clean feel of its layout. The navigation is extremely easy to use whether on mobile or desktop. The photos are vibrant. The typography is very inviting and offers the chance for the reader to feel relaxed as they read through some fairly heavy topics. This is also a site that relates to all ages well because of its middle of the road styling. It is not super edgy but is very contemporary.  


Final Thoughts

These sites show that dental websites do not have to be boring or stark and dry. Your dental practice can actually be bursting forth with life while remaining professional. It is all about the presentation. If you can partner the functional ease of use with clean navigation, graphical elements, photos that show plenty of color and excitement, and content that speaks of experience and knowledge, you can have a responsive dental website that attracts loads of people to your practice. See more about how JCI Marketing can help your dental practice


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